Nokia Launches Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 3310 in Kenya Today

Finally, Nokia launches their smartphones in Kenya today. Three smartphones and the 3310 feature phone. Nothing new we don’t know already about the phones. They went out to other markets months ago, Kenya gets their turn late in the day.

Nokia 5 is Kshs 20,000, Nokia 3 Kshs 15,000, Nokia 6 is Kshs 25k and Nokia 3310 is Kshs 5300.

Do these devices excite you? Also, if you have any questions from Nokia I’ll be glad to ask them for you later today and give feedback.

I had seen a nokia 6 billboard on sunday thats in Kisumu and nokia 6 is exciting but with a low soc of 400series thats a setback and the usb not being type c why in 2017 ship a phone with usb B especially from nokia

You can get the Nokia 3310 for Ksh. 5300 from the Safaricom shops. That’s right, ksh.5300.

Too much for nostalgia. I’ll let this one go.

Nokia 6 however seems interesting at 25K. Can’t wait for the Techweez review.

Nokia 6 had tons of pre-orders. They must have been swamped keeping supply going. They also must have spent a boatload of money on marketing it because it was everywhere. I’m glad Nokia finally embraced Android. Now they have to make phones that’ll get everyone’s attention if they are to reclaim even a chunk of their lost glory. I also hope that they do better than Nokia 6 because it’s so easy for such a phone to drown in the sea of endless choices for the smartphone buyer.

Mimi huyo, is the Arte Black here?

This would be great for Nostalgia’s sake… I shall get from MidCom Right after Techweez posts their review.

Yes it is!

Of the 3310? Well…

They are. Which tech blog isn’t talking about the Nokia devices?

At that price-point, the Nokia 6 barely has competition. I predict that in Kenya, it will be the best seller among all those Nokia devices.

Plus the flagship Nokia 8 is coming mid-August!

Yeah, I just saw news on the Nokia 8 (I haven’t been following the company for a while now).

Who is the official distributor of the nokias? Where can one get the nokia 6 locally?

Safaricom and Midcom are the official distributors.

You can buy the Nokia 6 at any Safaricom shop.