Nokia Coming to Africa (And Kenya) in April

Now there was once upon a time when we were all up in arms against Microsoft for taking beloved Nokia and turning it from a big brand (with the largest smartphone market-share) to just another smartphone name with literally under 1 percent marketshare. The arrangement upon acquisition was that Microsoft sells smarphones with the Nokia name up til the end of 2016 when Nokia will be free to use that name on phones. Starting 2017, Nokia can now use their old name and they have with the launch of Nokia 6 sometime back as a China exclusive, and introduction of several new Nokias, Nokia 6 global version, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

They also added the Nokia 3310.

But things are nolonger the same. Passion alone doesn’t get people to buy smartphones and dynamics have shifted. Quality, product versus price and new names have changed the space. Which brings me to my point. With re-entry of Nokia to the Africa space, does the Finnish giant stand a chance at our hearts as they used to?

Not hyped, but the Nokia 6 Arte Black looks like something I may get. And they promise updates

Clean and clutter-free Android Nougat with regular updates

I will hold my breath for the Nokia 8, or whatever they will call their flagship. As of now, Nokia 3310!!

A phone running QUALCOMM snapdragon 625 for 45k upwards i think this is a joke while we have zte axon 7 OnePlus 3 and xiomi mi 5 and mi5s with excellent specs costing less or similar amount in Kenya i think the brand name is kinda making Nokia exaggerate its prices