Nokia 7 Plus vs One Plus 5T

Hey all,
I am torn between the two. I have checked online forums and reviews and I’m even more confused as they both are so good. Which one would you pick?

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pick 5T if budget allows… and if you loooove amoled panels… if you dont mind LCD, go for Nokia 7. Just make sure you get a case since any damage to 5T utaumia ukisaka support from third parties.

Wah. That’s a tough choice but easy as well.

OnePlus 5T lacks local support, something that the Nokia 7 Plus has.

Secondly, I think the software support on the Nokia is more reliable than the OnePlus. I would pick the Nokia 7 Plus. Just because.


I will tell u without a doubt oneplus 5t is far much better


Though OnePlus 5T does have overall better specs I would also go for the Nokia 7 Plus coz of local support in hardware as well as android support

@yuxi Nokia 7 plus for me. Android one?

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Nokia 7 Plus. better battery life, available locally, built like a tank, 2 years update. Also check if Xiaomi Kenya launches the Redmi Note 5 Pro in Kenya.

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yaani none of you guys love AMOLED screens? Plus Gorilla 5 (better in shatter resistance though g3 beats it in scratch resistance)? better graphics chipset in this age of PUBG Mobile? better screen to body ratio? better headphone audio (though 7 plus beats it on recording better audio)?better LTE-A connectivity? I would trade local support for better specs IMO. I am saying this cuz I rarely drop my devices :relieved:


I forgot, fastest charging out there :grin::grin:


I agree. I would go for the Oneplus 5T.

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Come to think of it. I miss my OnePlus. So I’d go for the OnePlus 5T


Thank you all for your responses. I will go with OnePlus 5T. Local support is a ‘non issue’ for me since I always handle my gadgets with great care. Also, I really like the look and feel of the 5T, and it’s body-to-screen ratio. And it’s monster specs. @wizmelavin thanks for mentioning Redmi Note 5 Pro, it’s a budget phone yet compares with the subject phones.

One question though (for those who have 1+ phones), how clean is the OS?


The OS is perfect. Near stock with only the necessary features. You will love it. The Company is also not slow to updates, which is a good thing.

If your choice is one plus then better wait for the one plus 6 with sd 845. Only downside is the notch.

Is the notch a downside really?

I had forgotten the OP5T has AMOLED which is a big plus in itself, and VOOC charging which they call DASH charging.

Is it only me or does anyone get mad when Oneplus calls themselves a small company yet they are one and the same with Oppo and Vivo. How perfect would it be if you could pick up a Oneplus from all these Oppo shops around town?


It is a choice a company can make. Create a holding company, own three separate companies and each carries their own burden. The three are determined independently of their success or failure, keeps things a bit interesting.

Transsion does the same too.


At least akina Tecno & Infinix do not try to hide their affiliations.

Before people found out BBK Electronics (2nd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, just behind Samsung) owned OnePlus, the CEO kept using the ‘we are a startup’ excuse to defend their anti-consumer decisions.

OnePlus has been selling rebranded Oppos with a better processor, camera and some extra RAM.

Their phones are decent but the company and faces behind it are a dishonest bunch.


Transsion share the same custome care agent, Carlcare.

Well, OnePlus is a small company and that is why they rebrand OPPOs and sell them as their own with better processor and a software but like @martingicherusaid, OnePlus is a company by itself and my hope is that one day they will give us a phone that doesn’t look like an OPPO.

If only OnePlus was interested in selling their phones locally. OPPO’s sister, Vivo didn’t even get to launch, they got cold feet.

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