Nokia 7 Plus or Last Year's Nokia 8 : Which Smartphone to Get?

Both phones have amazing specs at almost the same price. But what Nokia smartphone would give you more value for your money? Join in on this discussion on what you’d prefer to buy.

I am currently in this dilemma, wondering whether to go for the Nokia 7 Plus or just buy the Nokia 8, seeing that the price for the latter has gone down, and it already has Android 8.1, with all the great specs sheet it has. Specs sheet between the two is really competitive, and being vanilla Android it gets new versions of Android as soon as they hit.

Of it were me the extra battery will be the decision maker so the 7 plus

I was opposed to Nokia 7 plus cuz of launch price (sijui 46), but now I would recommend any person searching for a mid-range device to get it. Apparently, sellers like “phones and tablets” and “phoneplace Kenya” are selling it for 37-37500 bob. It’s a good deal. Also, the 2:1 aspect ratio is future proof… Zishike zote mbili uniambie if Nokia 8 doesn’t feel crappy with 16:9 :joy::joy: … Get the 7 plus, thank me later. The only difference is insignificant CPU power… In my opinion

Nokia X6 is also launching soon… and it will be a direct competitor to Oneplus 6 (they will launch on the same day and both have notches…) this means it will be cheap and will have top notch specs… :grin:

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Ok. Stop with the notch jokes. I honestly don’t understand the dilemma. Noki a 8 is last year’s phone. Nokia 7 Plus is this year’s phone. With that new aspect ratio, better cameras, better battery and almost equal CPU power, the Nokia 7 Plus is the phone to go for.

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I would go for nokia 8 any day btwn the two nokia 8 is way better in specs and build quality except the 16:9 ratio and the battery the rest it is awesome

Which one did you get?

I’m interested in the Nokia 7 Plus.

Infinix Note 5 happened, and with quite a number of priorities in my life, a new smartphone gets a back seat. I however could consider a flagship on malipo ya polepole. Not a mid ranger.

I think till now smartphones of nokia is overrated. We can buy a phone with the same configuration at a low cost. I know that the hardware of nokia is the best but still they should cut their smartphones price.

But Nokia smartphones don’t really focus on hardware. Their focus is software, something that you won’t get on lower priced phones.

Infinix Note 5 has Android One, what are you talking about?

Android One with Android P coming in March 2019… Yeah, that’s exciting.

On the contrary, Nokia are pretty well rounded when it comes to both software and hardware. They produce more sturdier build-quality phones than most of their rivals. This is confirmed by youtuber JerryRigEverything who in his many videos deliberately damages/wrecks phones immediately after unboxing

Personally, I can’t buy any Nokia however good it is since you can’t unlock their bootloader. It means no root, no roms, no tinkering of any sort, nothing. Digehota.

Yes, they do make good hardware but unlike Samsung who push the limits to deliver great hardware, Nokia will put all their effort to deliver great software with timely updates.

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Still on the topic, my mum called me up today asking for advice on which mid-range phone to buy that was currently making waves in the market and you can pretty much guess which phone rolled out my tongue. No it wasn’t a Sony, though i would’ve wished she got one, and no she doesn’t do the Tecnos/Infinix/Oppos either i already poisoned her mind against them kitambo. I told her to go for the Nokia 7 plus. Hours later she calls back informing me she had purchased it and would like me to come transfer her data from her old phone to the new one tomorrow. Well i would’ve easily instructed her to just input her google account and her contacts/whatsapp chats and pictures would be synced automatically to the new phone but nataka kuiona and have a feel of the much talked about mid-ranger :grin:

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I get you.

The infinix looks really good but i feel a better alternative would be the Nokia 6.1 plus or the Xiaomi Pico.

You mean Xiaomi Pocophone?

Yes, meant poco.