Nokia 7 Plus is Everything I have ever Wanted

Have you guys seen or heard about Nokia 7 Plus? I like the device and I will import it (if finances allow :sweat_smile: ) once it is released. The device has Android One, has the best midrange chipset, HAS A HEADPHONE JACK, is IP67 rated, has a base storage of 64gb, has a 18:9 gorgeous IPS display, is cheap ($400), has Zeiss optics and full manual mode camera, has big battery which translate to longer endurance with that sweet SD660 (I sound like a fanboy but this phone is awesome :rofl: ). Moreover, the device has OZO audio, ac wifi, blutooth 5, better support locally… etc, tell me which other offer beats this guys

  1. The Nokia 7 Plus is not IP67 rated.
  2. You don’t need to import one. It will be available locally as from April. When it will also be available globally.
  3. We are on the same boat. I want that phone.

oh, I confused ip rating with sirocco, thanks for clarifying. Nonetheless, its still the best device to me in 2018. kama inakuja kenya the better

Mimi nimeingoja aje! I am planning to get three of them, ofcourse over a period of time.

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So none of you notices its great design with the ceramic coating on 6000 series Aluminium and the gold accents? Probably making it the first device where the white version is a looker than the black version.
Just me? OK.

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tuko wengi naona, read the specs and i was like this is it, a phone that made me make a decision on the first impressions.
the camera sample are also amazing though i wonder what it will cost here since the launch price in Europe will be €399

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:joy::joy::joy: kuwa mpole

that phone is a looker!

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We were getting there. At this rate, we might as well register a SACCO na tuanze kusave, so that when April hits, we buy the phone.


The phone got heads rolling me too am in love with it and apart from the software experience and camera was thinking i import the mi note 2 at 30k and it got more storage and ram that is 128gb and 6gb respectively plus it has the 821 chip and an oled display weighing my options mimi nimeamua the 18:9 aspect ratio wont influence my choice of a phone after all Sirocco is high end with 16:9 ratio kwani iko nini

Why would you buy a 16:9 phone in 2018?

Personally, I love the aspect ratio. I’ll be picky about it on my next upgrade but I guess I’ll have no choice if my options will be limited.

Why wud Nokia Sirocco have 16:9 aspect ratio in 2018 answer there’s no major difference

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There’s a major difference… Future proofing and once you’ve used an 18:9 display, everything else just seems off. Hopefully, the near zero bezels on the Nokia 8S will help it compete.

It’s all aesthetics but I don’t believe I can use my money on a phone in 2018 and be stuck on old stuff.

The curved screen covers for that hata mi note 2 iko na curved oled screen so u wont notice the big top or bottom but honestly i dont need and 18:9 unless the front panel is all screen talking like this after having spent some time with galaxy s8

Ratio ikisonga Tunasonga

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Don’t forget AI and notches. Can’t miss those.

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These notches aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be.

I think it is terrible that Android manufacturers are adding a notch because of the iPhone X.

If they want to be Apple so bad, why don’t they try to copy other things like build quality, customer care or their amazing software support?

But noooooo, they just want to copy the notch.

:joy::joy::joy: they are not bad, what makes them bad is the fact that they have copied the idea from Apple… I know essential phone did it first but they are using Iphone X’s design… Like @General has said, if they want to copy, they should copy everything including performance and camera quality… Samsung’s approach is better cuz regardless of the size of the notch, that space is still unusable when consuming media and playing games. having it there just to show battery and fewer notification than phones without notches is lame. I dont see the reason why this is supposed to be “cool.”

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Will this approach get them the 90% screen-to-body ratio that they so much crave?

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