Nokia 6 VoLTE issues

I have a Nokia 6, according to Faiba it should be able to support LTE Band 28(700) if am not wrong. Bought the sim card last wk but no network. Been on various online nokia forums and it seems Nokia played us the thing doesn’t work

Is your phone on the latest software? I had a nokia 3 which had a similar issue(no faiba network though the device supports the band). A network update sorted it out but I still couldn’t make VoLTE calls(it was a chip issue).

Install the Faiba sim on slot one, then reboot your phone.

check for updates then make sure that you have the correct APN settings to access Faiba’s network.

what’s the model number?

Do you have the APN settings maybe I try and see if it works?

Yes am on 8.1 Oreo with August security patch

TA 1003, I have a friend with 1025 same but at least the 1025 gives you options to enable the Volte but now no network

that model is for the hongkong and taiwan market be very carefull when buying devices make sure you do some research on the variants sold and the bands they support

Pole ndugu. Hio model sio ya hii market

I decided to check and all information I can find says that all models (China, HK, Global) of the Nokia 6 support band 28. Maybe it has other problems.

Thanks will try kesho and see if it works

Exactly, i also researched on that, and all the models are supposed to support band 28, seen some threads on xda nokia 6 forums guys complaining of the same after updating to oreo

If this is the case, it could be a problem with software inhibiting the hardware. Sorry man. Hopefully HMD release a fix soon.

i have also read on forums of resellers flashing the chinese model with a global rom then selling it as a global variant