Node Africa, that's what former Angani CEO and CTO started

If you are an avid Kenya tech follower, or just a Kenya tech follower you may be aware that Angani, one of the first cloud services company offering local hosting to businesses and individuals had a boardroom spate that led to the exit of the two founding partners, Brian and Phares.

They got an offer by an Angel investor to get funding for a new startup. Turns out they are ready to hit the road after sending invitations for an event this month at a Nairobi hotel. The new company is Node Africa, and they play in the same space they were.

Now this is interesting as there will be competition for good service in this young local cloud industry.


I hope so too, and also hope that they picked the lessons learnt and use them to make better choices going forward.

Node Africa finally launched. They claim to be players in Information Management and not a cloud services company.

News about the launch
Exclusive interview with Phares on Node Africa

Kudos to them, and hope they’ve learnt their lessons from previous engagement. #DisruptTheCloud

These founders had big plans for angani…now they can fulfill them using Node Africa

Update on Node Africa, you could say they are doing well, they have a nice office on Riara road and a growing team. We sat with them recently and they told us what they have been up to, including the lawsuits, with small victories, both in court and among customers. Also, they are still innovative with some Africa firsts.