Newest Member Here

Hello Everyone,

I am the newest member of this community and hope to exchange information here.


Welcome Dev

Evening all
I’m Yasmine and have been using the site for a few years now but lately decided to register purely because I enjoy helping others, whenever I can. I used to be in the IT bizz for about 10 years, but sadly due to medical reasons am unable to work anymore. I do admit tho I miss the time out and about at client’s premises installing, fault finding, repairing and generally helping others to ensure they get the best out of the systems the company i worked for back then supplied. I will state that most of my knowledge is from hands on and real-life experience in the field rather than a “garden shed” engineer…lol. Anyway, I’ll try my best to advise and help others as/if I can as i feel it’s my way of being able to say thank you to techweez for providing such a wealth of resources for anyone and everyone who needs something different to make life that little more enjoyable.