NEW UPDATE: Pre-Paid Cards With Web Portal Card Management

Hello guys,
I know we have discussed so much about these cards but kuna issue moja haijagusiwa sana.

So after several years I thought why not get one. Nikaenda KCB got the Pepea one and headed home since the banking hall was crowded and I did not want to cause a jam kwa bank na maswali mob.

So nimefika home and I’m like reading the starter pack and wondering, does this card have a web portal access or app for checking statement, switching card online or offline etc etc

After one hour of reading and re-reading and finding nothing I decided to contact them only to be told that the only way to access the statement and check the balance is through a USSD *522#

So here my question goes, which pre-paid cards have webportal or app for managing the card for non-account holders (for people that do not have a bank account with the card issuer).

  1. Mpesa Visa Card
  2. NakuCard @sarunibm
  3. Barclays Prepaid Debit Card @mwenyekiti
  4. NIC Prepay Visa Card @Satoshi (MY PICK)
  5. Equity Bank American Express Card

NakuCard has one but I didn’t like it’s login restrictions. It could only work on explorer, due to security features.

Thanks updated

In my experience…

CBA Loop
I&M Mpesa
Nakumatt Prepaid

these ones have web portals where one can log in and check their accounts

An account is not a must for CBA Loop?

It is. That’s the downside.

Then it fails to meet the criteria.

Barclays Prepaid card also has a portal

I’ve never been able to log in to my Nakumatt card despite assistance from Nakumatt & DTB.

I linked my card to Amazon, PayPal & Google Play to better track my expenses that way. The SMS serves as additional verification when summarizing monthly expenses.

It is hectic and the password requirements are absurd.

Is it for non-account holders?

UPDATE: I have confirmed it is for non-account holders but the requirements for you to get his card are a pain in the ***

Like Apple. Lost count of the number of times I have changed my password. Upper letter, lower letter, special character, number, at least 8 characters etc

Really? I just walked into Barclays at ABC and filled a form. I don’t have an account btw.

I relied on information provided on their website. Then that is great. Thanks for the clarification.

Account opening requirements for a limited company and sole proprietorship.

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Oooh thanks so much. Failed to read the headers there.

But the card loading fees is nearly 3 times that of KCB or MPESA

Does anyone here have a Naivas reward card? I have one which is also a chase bank visa card, I have only been using it for earning points and I now want to use it for online purchases, but I will have to first vistichase because I don’t even know the password, anyone share any experiences about this card.

It should not feel like a bank account. They have positioned it to feel different. Consider it a way to manage your card. That is if you will only use it as a prepay card for online activity. Next they should lobby hard to be included as one of the Banks you can withdraw to, from Paypal.

I use the equity prepaid one and get my statements from an American express portal but you have to visit your branch for the login info

NIC bank also has a multi-currency prepaid card that does have a web portal. Costs around 500 at their branches.
Also, note that in addition to the I&M Mpesa visa card they also have a I&M prepaid multi currency card too.
I prefer multi currency cards since they work normally with kenya shillings but when I want to make a bigger purchase just get cheaper dollars from bureaus and deposit.