New Safaricom LTE Product...But I have no name. Unlimited internet 3mbps & 5mbps

I think I don’t use mobile network much. Hii imeweza a whole 100GB


I think I misread your question. This is shared network so do expect lower speeds at times.

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Those are impressive speeds. When did you pay the deposit for the LTE connection? I paid about 10 days ago and I have been informed that they do not have connection gadgets in stock. It seems I will have to wait for eternity.

I waited nearly a month after paying.

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How does the dedicated internet speed contrast to any other home fiber subscription? Is it fast or is it any different to justify that price kindly?(5mbps @ 5499) that is

Actually the speed is in most cases above 6mbps. Never experienced any downtime. Also its QoS is very awesome. Not like home fibre 5mbps where you start a download and other devices disconnect.


I paid for Safaricom LTE connection but they still don’t have equipment to connect me. Today, I learnt that another device we discussed here(4/G router) is now available but I was put off by the data cap. Here are the terms:
4G Router at 11,999/-. With 2 monthly plans available for customers in 4G covered area
1. 3Mbps upto 100GB for 3,499/-
**2. 5Mbps upto 200GB for 4,999/- **
After reaching the cap, customer gets same data amount at 1Mbps. Unused bundles will not roll over to the next month Currently 2,000/- discount on subscription of first month

@Teki and others who are using LTE, is it capped or truly unlimited?

Is this what they call 4G for home?

It’s called 4G Router and the other one Safaricom LTE.

They should give us this as a regular bundle that we can buy.

From the bill, I saw a figure like 1TB allocated but I really doubt they cap this one because they sell it as unlimited business internet. I had used more than 93 GB in 4 days. I will be sure to update my usage the next time the bill comes and see if I had surpassed the limit if it is by any chance a true limit.

Looks like PostPaid

You can get the same on PostPaid

Has anyone here had experience with this ISP Selin Solutions
their prices seem good

how can i get those contract document for safaricom LTE

i would like to get those contract document VIA email if possible pls

The speeds work quite well though. Not slow by any means.

Yes it does!