New Safaricom LTE Product...But I have no name. Unlimited internet 3mbps & 5mbps

Its part of the New Internet For Business Packages

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Can one get the service for home or must it be business only?

They can’t dictate how you use it, they only need:1) Certificate of registration/ incorporation/ business permit
2) Kra pin
3) Copy of ID

Yup! Huawei CPE for WTTx 5G.

Why would you want to pay 5,000 for 5mbps while the same can give you 10mbps under the normal Home fiber subscription…

It’s not advisable. 5Mbps @4000 is too low and very expensive for home use cases. Just buy bundles that you can actually stream something decent with.

Unfortunately safaricom home Fibre isn’t available countrywide

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Liquid Kenya are offering 10mbps up and down for 4k WIMAX, they call it HiMax, there are many other providers of better cheaper services all over kenya, I would check them out before settling for Saf.

Their site doesn’t show the offering …However I noticed it’s not advertised why ‘office’ offerings are marked up higher compared to ‘home’ options(like secondary links, MPLS/SD-WAN etc… ) …

That’s JTL
He meant this

Checkout for the full home options
Their business packages are on

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Surprisingly Liquid’s Wimax prices have really dropped and speeds increased. Including their installation fees. Wow.

Installed it today at my mom’s place ( upcountry home)
Expect dedicated 1MBp/s at ksh 5499 per month. It’s fast enough and very reliable.
5/5 stars
I can play red dead redemption 2 on pc online with no lag


Simple. Coverage. Safaricom Fiber covers fewer areas.

I might consider this. Daaamn! The connection fee was a whooping 25,000bob!!! Surprised that it’s now 2,000bob!


Exploitation at its best wooo!!! 1MBp/s @5499 nah…

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Do you need to be a business to register?

8 Mb/s or 1 Mb/s? :thinking:

I had a chat with their customer care. I don’t know if he/she was clueless but they stated that the new upgraded wimax speeds are applicable to very specific towns. They are rolling out an upgrade progressively which makes me think the ISPs are now in a hurry to grab home users quickly using wireless tech. Also the installation fee is 2k only if you have the wimax cpe. If you don’t, I was told you have to pay an initial cost of 9999 yet that has not been indicated on their website. All this info came from that customer support rep who was shouting at me by typing everything caps. :joy: :joy:

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5 MBps

It is indicated but kama kawaida with Kenyan companies, the info is hidden. Just key your location on the option that helps to give you the product available in your hood and do a search.

All the product details will show up. However, when you add connection fees (10,000 equipment), it’s almost the same to what Safaricom is charging for their 5G router, which retails at 12,000/=

The biggest downside is relocation. They will charge you the same installation fees as someone that is purchasing the equipment for the first time (10,000bob). It makes no business sense.


Its 8mb/s

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