New Mysafaricom App - if you root

My safaricom app is coming out of beta. I here it is cleaner and has new features.

I can’t get Magisk Hide to well “hide” my root status. No other app has ever managed to do this. I have the old/normal Mysafaricom app. Opens with no problems… Any ideas ?

It’s super clean. I don’t know how you can hide root though :smile:.

I think safaricom should force supermarkets to use QR scanning to pay for goods. I have used it many times and it is super fast; faster than giving out your number to trigger popup (pale Shoprite :smirk:), keying in “buy goods” digits :face_vomiting:, and handling cash (who does that nowadays? :thinking:).

I don’t know why retailers don’t embrace this method considering how clean it is and can be used by anyone with a camera (any smartphone basically). It sucks having to tell the cashier to show you the QR code