New Exynos 2100 might beat the Snapdragon 875

Leaked scores reveal that the next Exynos 2100 beat Snapdragon 875 in Geekbench scores. This improvement in performance apparently due to both of them using Arm’s new Cortex X-1 core
Looks like Samsung pulled up their game after their Exynos 990 this year embarrassed them especially against the Snapdragon 865. Qualcomm has been overpricing their flagship chips very highly and I’m excited what Samsung can do with their next generation chips.

Maybe if Samsung chips can be competitive enough, we finally get better prices for flagships, but then again, they’re Samsung and they don’t seem to care much for price these days oi​:joy:

What are your thoughts?

From what am hearing samsung might be the one developing the 875 for Qualcomm so i expect tgeir performance might be similar

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It will be Samsung’s turn to eat :joy::joy::joy:

Look what they did with Note 20. Selling the Exynos one with slightly lower performance at the same cost with the more powerful Snapdragon one. Heard after being bashed by phone reviewers the JerryRIG, MKBHD, and more, they lowered the price of the Exynos one.

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Yea, they really did us dirty with the Exynos 990, it’s great to see YouTubers bullied them into waking the fuck up.

the midrange 1080 is even beating the current snapdragon flagship if they also nail it on battery perfomance then things will be very competitive

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