Netflix now in Kenya, Nigeria and other parts of Africa, what changes now?

New members can’t post links as per the settings. So one has to have been active for a while to shift up a level, and then they can post links. Possible he tried adding the link and it couldn’t work.

“neftlix mod apk” was probably where the link was.

I dont think so the VPN providers will loose their business. Now, that it in Kenya and other parts of Africa people having Netflix subscription will want to use it to access the Netflix library for other regions such as USA, UK etc.

Torrenting won’t go away soon. It is way cheaper than Netflix subscription. Streaming free movies from apps like freeflix is cheap too.

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Yes, but it comes with a price. You need to use a VPN when it comes to P2P/Torrenting if you live in a region where ISPs, Law Agency are actively looking for people who are violating copyright infringements.

So I renewed Netflix yesterday and I noticed some anomaly on my next due date. It expires on June 8, 2022, meaning I’ll have 27 days and not 30 days to use the service.

Is this normal?

Probably it had expired then you renewed. So it picked the subscription date and not payment date.

Even for home fiber when i have not used the net for a couple of days, i usually unsubscribe then subscibe again so that it picks the correct date.

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Yes, it had expired and I had forgotten to renew. Didn’t know about that.

Let me see if the days can be adjusted.

These service working on subscription models are real sly when it comes to revenue. They sure do know how to squeeze money out of your pockets.