Netflix new approach to proxies

Not entirely new because it has been around for a while but Netflix is now allowing access to its content via proxies only that it will not show the content of the region you are trying to unlock. So if you say if you are in Kenya and set your VPN location to US and they detect it, instead of showing you the “accessing via proxy” message, they simply allow you access but hide all shows geo-restricted to the US. It is their smart way of keeping you watching but still enforcing the geo-restriction laws. I realized this only after trying to access the show Shameless (US). And based on how good they are getting at detecting VPN’s, private DNS services are going to be the next big thing.

Does ExpressVPN still work? Thinking of subscribing

Not it doesn’t. At least in my case.

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Oh my, if ExpressVPN can’t then nimeachana na hio plan. It was the best​:disappointed_relieved:

Not a solution. and others only protect your DNS queries (from your ISP and other entities “listening” on the medium and NOT from themselves …Cloudflare is working on ODoh ) to remove themselves from this…

Fundamental way the internet works is through IP addresses …yes I need to know where a server is to talk to it and reciprocally the server needs to know where to return results to.

Using a VPN the client’s return address is the block(s) of IPs the VPN service has leased or bought up (further the VPN forwards results to the actual IP address of the client)…hence easily discoverable

Express VPN is worrking and has been working for me this past week.But not the proxy option,the VPN option on the app itself.

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Hebu try ProtonVPN, in my case it is unblocking geo-restrictions on both Netflix and Prime Videos

I moved to the Russian-owned Windscribe and for half the price as Express it works great.

Reminds me of piracy in games where few hours into the game weird issues occurred which were so annoying … harsher execution but similar experiences can be devised …

Your watching a show perfectly for 5,7,15 mins then without reason it buffers, cuts connection etc … It makes you think your VPN is having issues or you are having issues …and in that doubt/confusion they win …