Need to buy a new compact TV

Hi all, am shopping for a 43 inch TV costing between 55K-60K with a preference for LG, Sammy or Sony. Leteni choices and reasons please.

i recommend samsung or lg,dont go for sony at all costs…unless you really love android tv

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Fair enough. But I have found the resell value of Bravias to be crazy good. I had a Sony Bravia I bought for 22k. Two years later I sold it for 18k

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Yaani that one incident with Sony imefanya uchukie Sony that much? Mimi hapo siwezi toka.

Very true, the brand sells quite well i can also attest to this. I sold My Sony Xperia Z3 Plus near its purchase price a year later.

55k-60 you should get a 55", trust me, 55" TVs are the best value for money, and are the most optimised. If you can add 8k, you can get Samsung RU7100 55". Otherwise you can also get it’s 49" version for 60k. Don’t buy LG, it’s LCD (led) versions are subpar compared to competitors, especially at this price point.

Sony Kwa hii Bei you will get total crap, don’t even consider it. Another brand you can check is Hisense (only B7200, has Dolby vision and HDR 10 support, plus local dimming ya 15 zones). You will thank me later ukitake hii advice. Sony ukua superior at high prices… Same with LG.

FYI: This is my opinion, not an expert recommendation. But I have a slight idea regarding Kenyan market.


Maybe these lists can help?

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