Nakumatt Global Smart Card Rejected (Not Supported Anymore)

So today i needed to purchase an app from playstore and since my Nakumatt Global Smartcard (KCB Version) is the only card i use to purchase stuff online i decided to purchase the app through it and this is the error i got

Frustrated, i decided to enter my paypal account and verify my card (The Nakumatt Global Smartcard) and this is the message i got

It seems Nakumatt Holdings going down has had a domino effect on the Nakumatt Global Smartcard. Has anyone else used his or her Nakumatt smartcard of late? Is it working?

I thought to take it up with them on Twitter but it seems like there hasn’t been activity since April

I think this should be a question for KCB, not Nakumatt. It should continue working, unless they announce discontinuing it like Nation Media did with NationHela.

I have a DTB version of the card and Google has rejected it a couple of times recently regardless of it having money loaded. I withdrew my money and stopped using the card.

Just used mine to purchase stuff from AliExpress. Its the KCB based kind. I’ll stop topping it up.

That’s a red flag right there, their customer care number isn’t being picked either.

That’s exactly what i’m going to do after work.

Its only a matter of time until AliExpress or any other online market stops supporting it too.

Anyone out there got an alternative card/method for purchasing stuff online? One that can also be used by Google/Paypal and can be topped up easily by Mpesa

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CBA’s Loop claims to do that, although I can’t confirm, since mine had been largely filling the wallet. I have an NIC bank credit card and it functions quite well.

Pepea by KCB works fine by me.

At least there isn’t much on my card, but we should have laws against this.

MPESA VISACARD. That’s what you need.

I can vehemently confirm that the CBA LOOP claims are well justified. I have just connected my LOOP Mastercard to Google and it works perfectly. Topping up from mpesa and purchasing online was seamless.

I have been using CBA loop since April…and I can confirm that it is easy to top up using Mpesa.

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It seems the so called Mpesa VisaCard cannot at the moment be linked to skrill or paypal, safaricom themselves confirm this

And apparently the biggest amount the Mpesa Visacard can hold is 35k only smh

CBA LOOP card is also accepted by Paypal, I have officially moved to carrying out online transactions via the LOOP card simply because its fast, seamless top ups via Mpesa and i can check my Loop balance with ease unlike Nakumatt Global card which was a hustle.

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Unfortunately it is not Visa or MasterCard, so will not work outside Safaricom ecosystem.

Welcome to Loop!

You have never seen an Mpesa Visa Card? This is not the One tap thing.

Most of these CCs are newbies hawajui hii maneno. I linked the card to my paypal and skrill. In fact, it is the card that I used to verify my Paypal and Skrill accounts in 2012.

Maximum transaction is 35K but it can hold up to 500K. I will try look for the card’s starter pack somewhere. I hope I find it.

It was so useful back in the days for me when banking services Visa and Mastercard facilities used to attract maintenance monthly or yearly fees. Was so useful for any purchases online. Used it on Ebay, AliBaba, Playstore. Bought most apps that I use now using the card back then.

I stopped using the card because banking services became more accessible.

I use the Airtel Money Visa Card to buy stuff online, works well n never had a problem. I’ve not used it with Google though so can’t confirm about them

Do we need to have a wiki like the one we’ve had for Youtubers and podcasts? I start a new thread that we all contribute to, but the top entry gets updated with input from other replies?
Because I see the need to have merits and demerits of each listed somewhere, and people can make decisions based on which one serves their needs best, and with the least friction.


I had that nakumatt card but i cut it with scissors when i realized i cant replace it at any nakumatt branch.CBA Loop card has been great for online transactions so far…The I&M MPESA card is also great for online transactions…

Good Idea… So we track all the working cards :slight_smile: