My shitty okash experience

This was thuggery of the highest order. They will even call everyone on your phonebook. Lost count the number of times they called me juu ya loans za mabeste

The hammer is going to be struck soon … let them all be driven out of town …its no longer the wild west!

One of the agents with these companies aliniudhi last week calling me at 7 in the morning on a debt which was not yet due. Nikajiuliza why do I accept such abusive behaviour when I’m the customer.

Since then I’ve defaulted on over 100k worth of loans. I will live with that aibu kidogo since there is nothing else they can do to me or to recover their money.

Unfortunately,if they have forwarded your details to CRB utalipa tu eventually…esp ile time utatafuta CRB clearance,you will look for them and pay them asap just to clear you.

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None of these apps are authorised to report defaulted accounts to CRB. Now obviously I wouldn’t default on Mshwari or any product tied to a bank.

The truth of the matter is that shady types like Okash have only one practical means of debt recovery, constant harassment and threats.

As a by the way, is there a way to change the forum background to white?

@martingicheru said he’s trying to figure out how to include a switcher.

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I had paused on these projects because of energy preservation. I will be back on it shortly, including the small things like adding the dark mode logo.


It has only taken one week for three of these firms to go from vicious threats to empty promises of double loan limits and amnesty on all penalties.

The continued urgency has proven to me that they don’t have other means of recovering their toxic debt. What I know is leo nashika mzinga after work, it feels good to be out of this trap even though it was through a default.

Incoming rules & regulations from Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK)? CBK?