My shitty okash experience

I am sorry guys but i had to share my heart out on this here coz i dont think The Okash leadership and team care enough to sort out their own issues.After paying my loan over two months ago and requesting a loan many times after i kept being declined.I reached out to the opera team through email and they responded that indeed they confirmed my receipt but were still processing the requests as their systems were overwhelmed.

1.Their customer service is shit…i am sorry,its the scum of the earth,not only do their numbers dont work but they take to long to respond to emails and do not resolve issues.
2.I love Eddie Ndichu,Opera Africa President,he is a nice inspiring leader who has done great things but unfortunately,i feel ,he is very out of touch with the current realities facing O-Kash.When i comment about the issues i have faced with Opera’s Flow and Okash,he tells me to DM him forgetting that i cannot DM him on Linkedin without a linkedin subscription.
3.The OKash Facebook Page is pure nonsense,they dont respond to issues raised there,all they do is ask customers for phone numbers.
4.Their app is not even accessible on the google play store,not even on the search results of the app.To get the app,you literary have to sideload their apk.
5.I know they may still be in beta but their product is shit.
6.Their messages section in the app is the worst ever,it just receives messages,no ability to reply.
7.Okash need to take customer feedback seriously and improve otherwise they are doomed to fail.

Admins,before you pull this down,if you do,please lets us all share our experiences with this app coz i believe we have a bigger influence here than in their shitty pages where they can ignore us to oblivion.

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  1. He’s on Twitter and he often responds to my tweets. Not about Okash though. I will tag his handle in the morning.

I’m not surprised to hear this. I used their opay service and ran into an issue. I called and emailed their support with no response at all. In fact they only responded after I cc’ed the big boss guy incharge of africa region. And even then they just made promises and didn’t solve a thing.

As a result I wasn’t really enthusiastic about okash but even the embers died when I saw that long form you need to fill. Uninstalled and consigned them to one of those poor services I won’t use and actively discourage my friends to use.

No chance that will happen, this is not malice but customer feedback.

Actually we appreciate you sharing this, you experienced this for many and reported. If anything, this is a chance for them to fix their app if they plan to have a future in this space.


Pole ndugu. Mimi nawezakuambia kitu moja tu, ogopa sana hizi Apps za loans. Learn to borrow from actual people - its hard but its safer

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Very true. Just build a good reputation na bank. Mobile apps interest rates are thuggery.

I dug into the specific interest rates (per month) a little using for some of these mobile loan apps:

Branch --> 1% to 14% (for ksh 70,000 to ksh250)
Okash --> 14% (per fortnight)
Tala loan --> 15%
M-shwari --> 8.0%
EAZZY --> 7.26%
KCB MPESA -->3.91%
MCO-OP -->1.16%

Clearly, from these fiigures, I wouldn’t touch the likes of Tala with a 10ft pole…

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It’s not quite nice on the other side as well.

Thank you all sincerely for the feedback. This is Eddie Ndichu, from Opera. We truly appreciate. We also truly are sorry for the ‘shity’ experience. Give us a chance to make it rosy.

Indeed we are still in beta for okash and rely on such feedback to make it a better product and experience for customers. We have just setup an entire new customer service team this week to give customers timely and accurate support. Our website is also now up if you Google o-kash and are concluding on management of our social media pages.

You can now reach our new contact centre on [email protected] with your registered M-Pesa number in the subject as well as on +254207658888.

I also please welcome you to reach out to me directly on [email protected].

True, we have a lot of work to do on the front end and are almost concluding on the first round of UXP updates.

Our mission is to offer customers real value when they needed it most, instantly. Our platform is now maturing on AI architecture to further allow us to offer variable pricing and terms to make credit affordable and purposeful.


This can easily be turned off from the O at the bottom right under settings


It is always great when a service provider goes out of their way to give feedback to the community. This should be commended.

My question is, does this setting work for ads hosted by Opera themselves? In particular the interstitial ads.

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Tala is the biggest thug of them all. They will give you repayment extension at a fee and if you default they will add legal fees and I don’t know recovery fees. Unaomba 1K if you default it you might end up paying 3K.

Point of correction. I once borrowed an Eazzy loan and the interest rate was 1.15% if I’m not wrong unless kama wamepandisha juzi.

Branch interest rates are not less than 14% either. Add the 8% ya Mshwari and you’ll realize that these mobile loans are a complete rip off.

Watu tukope banks or mobile loans za bank.

When the boss leads from the back to accommodate everyone’s interests. I love this.

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Block those ads with Blokada, works even without Root.

Mother of all thugs

Oh well,thanks for the responses so far.I am resigned on getting help from the Okash team,i was able to get through to their customer care team over phone but it seems their technical team is either incompetent or disinterested in resolving my particular request.The worst part is i am yet to get a call back,its the first day of the week so there is still time but in my mind i feel Okash dont care about their customers. As for other mobile lending apps,i would say i understand their interest rates,they are taking huge risks in lending and are taking no securities to back their lending plus they are lending very fast to individuals with little or no credit history so i give them the benefit of the doubt on it.They are in business and have to make a profit in order to operate as a going concern…A loan is as good as how its used.

when u act desperate to get loans on these mobile or money lending apps they treat u as a 3rd party customer me failing to pay kshs 0.50 ya mshwari ilifanya niwe listed na crb but mistake wasnt mine ju thought they’d deduct from mshwari account since then i resolved never to take loans from these mobile lenders

This is REAL. Someone at my workplace also got listed because of 0.20 cents.
They should come up with a way of deducting few hundreds when you’ve defaulted instead of listing people on CRB. Nut-Gud!


I please want to understand what request you are making. Are you kindly able to give me a social account or email me directly to [email protected].

Kindly give us a chance to improve our product.

Edward Ndichu


I have sent you an email,detailing my particular issue.Looking forward to your response.

Brilliant. Seen it and responded. Thank you for agreeing to engage.