My Little Ride taxi app experience

Remember when Little (previously Little Cab) had a really bad app experience? Sometime you could do a fare estimate and the app requests a cab in the background, and doesn’t show, till you got called by the cabbie on his way. Or you probably realize it’s requested for a cab, you cancel but it doesn’t cancel on the side of the driver, and again, the cabbie is on their way.

Well, sometime quite recently they did an app upgrade that changed things. The experience is much better, visually and functionally. I have been using Little almost exclusively ever since Uber hiked their fares. Little is cheaper, with a minimum fare of Kshs 190, and a price per km of Kshs 30 as seen here.

Upon load you’re greeted with the map loading your location on the larger upper part of the screen, lower third is split between destination, car options, payment mode and the request ride button. Picking destination is a search on Google maps, not fancy but not bad either.

One may miss the option to select the cab type, default is Comfort, but tapping right you reveal basic, comfort+, ladybug and bodaboda (motorcycle), each with the fare estimate. While there, you will see an icon that you can tap to select driver, gives you a list of drivers available within a certain radius that can serve you. You are able to select the one you fancy, if you know them.

Payment options are cash and Mpesa (for Mpesa you will be given a paybill number with account number being driver phone number.

With the good pricing, the app experience is good enough for me to stay around. What I miss though are the good reports that Uber gives you, either immediate receipts, weekly or monthly reports. They are good for reconciliation.
Little still has those ugly receipts that look like they were printed barebones from php

Shouldn’t this be integrated with the M-Pesa API to make it easier?

Actually, for an app powered by Safaricom, they are quite behind.