My laptop refusing to take my credentials

I am trying to log onto my my laptop but it’s giving me an error

‘The User Profile Service service failed to logon. User profile cannot be loaded’

What could be the problem and what’s the remedy.

Well, this error usually occurs when you’re trying to log in and Windows cannot read your user details. Try restarting your machine and see it if works.

Also, confirm that the account you’re logging in with is administrator account.

I’m sorry to inform you but your laptop computer may have been infected with ransomware.

You need to reset the local administrator account using a password reset tool(linux based) once you activate/unlock and clear the password for the admin account then restart and log in using the local admin account and enable the User Profile service on services.msc

Deactivate your Sam database password or try login inn using safe mode to allow u to reset your password

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Hi, did you get a solution? One of my clients brought his machine with the same problem and here is how it should be solved.

NB: this procedure involves editing the computer registry, one wrong move and this could permanently damage your machines operating system so it is advisable you create a backup of your machine before performing this procedure or seek the assistance of an IT savvy friend to do this for you.

  1. Restart your computer and click F8 rapidly to boot into Safe Mode
  2. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”
  3. Now click on this video and follow the steps very carefully.

Your machine should load your user account with no problem after completing those steps.

There’s a fix for that (I have faced the same) It involves changing and deleting keys in Windows Registry. Google can help you out.