Mula App by Cellulant

So I have been testing this app by Cellulant, Mula app in private beta for a while now. It promises to manage your bills and at lease does that for my electricity tokens and internet bill where Mpesa payments are concerned. They have Kenya Power, Airtime (Airtel, Orange, Safaricom), Zuku, NCC Parking, Nairobi Water, Gotv and DStv as the service providers listed on the app.

So far I’ve purchased airtime and tokens and the process is smooth. Unlike eLipa by iPay, this is not a wallet but facilitates for payments by shortening the process to pick a paybill and paying via Mpesa.

It does what it says, looks like they have listed various other payment options like banks and other mobile money platforms, but only Mpesa works currently. The app was made public yesterday, so you may go ahead and download it. Would like to hear your views on it. It won’t launch till early next year.

Downloading and Testing. Looking for such apps to feature on my “App of the week” series

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Mula version 2.1.2 now on the play store introduces paying bills by third parties, during the payment process, you can select a person from your contact app to pay for you. They get a service PIN pop-up on their phone to pay via Mpesa. Mpesa is still the only payment option on the app and the bills to pay are currently TV& Internet (DStv, GOtv, Zuku), and Utilities (Kenya Power tokens, Kenya Power postpay, NCC Parking and Nairobi Water).

Anything else is still coming soon.

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Been using the app for a while now. Really liking it.

Damn,thanks for this,now i have a quick and simple way to pay my utilities,water and electricity…just signed up and added the details…cant wait to automate my billing.

So just how do the developers benefit from this app? Are there any extra charges incurred for using the app?

Their revenues come from the services companies that you pay bills to. They get a cut off every payment made for all the service providers. As for airtime, they get wholesale prices and retail it to users.

No extra charges to users outside the Mpesa costs you incur when sending to paybill.

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CBA loop product has similar features incorporated

Common denominator is Cellulant. In both. Now Cellulant plays behind the scenes on Ecobank and CBA Loop apps as well as their app Mula.

well,its win win for them :slight_smile: