Mpesa not working. Anyone experienced this before?

This is the second time that my Mpesa has completely failed to work. Basically, accessing the mpesa STK menu is a hustle. The menu hangs and there is nothing I can do about it other than to exit the menu.

If it works,the request is sent to mpesa but not fulfilled. I just receive the normal notification. Request sent, wait for mpesa and nothing happens.

First time it happened last year. I told Safaricom about it and they told me my line is okay change phones and try bla bla bla but it still won’t work. After like two days I was able to use mpesa once more.

Now the problem is back and I’m just wondering has anyone faced this issue before? It’s really annoying.

Ehe? Should we brace for some outage?

Hehehe in 3, 2, …1

Kaeni tayari…juu sasa ni phone call after phone call I’m receiving :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Update: Hadi line ime zimwa and I’m back online now it’s working :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

I have, twice. I thought my phone had an issue. Restarting the device solved the problem though.

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Mine ilikataa kabisa. Hadi nikaeka kwa mulika mwizi ikakataa.

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na mySafaricom app?

This is terrible for all of us. Kama beta tester ako na bugs, let’s hope haitatufikia.

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ooh… my Mpesa isn’t working anyone here who got the solution to this problem please share…

I think today M-pesa had an issue. I had gone to sort out a paybill number at Safaricom Care Garden City and they told me they were experiencing some issue with the same.

Did you guys have the mpesa issue sorted
I can access the Stk menu fine but that’s as far as it goes. can’t send money from the normal stk process or in mysafaricom app