Mpesa menu not working properly on Redmi 8a

Is anyone else experiencing difficulties with the Mpesa menu (on SIM TOOLS) on the Redmi 8a? Sometimes it does not work totally, despite switching the line on/off or restarting the phone. Interesting thing is it works perfectly via the MySafaricom app.

Up till recently, I had a Galaxy S8 which I couldn’t the Sim Toolkit for anything Mpesa related. Fortunately for me, at some point MySafaricom App stopped using Sim Toolkit and allowed direct PIN entry.

Have you tried running the USSD service to update your M-pesa menu? Force stop the SIM Toolkit app and clear it’s storage from your phone’s menu and run the service then. Try restarting your device afterwards and maybe that’ll solve the bugs.

If not, wait, could be a software issue and I’m sure Xiaomi delivers software updates. These bugs may be fixed by your next software update. (Which could be Android 10 as spotted on Geekbench a few days ago). Give it time

Le’me try this…thanks

Update: This seems to have done the trick. Let’s see if it’s permanent fix.

Alright then. Glad to be of some assistance.

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