Mpesa App (Early Access)

Hey guyz, have you tried the Mpesa App (Early Access) from Safaricom available on Playstore? I sincerely dont see the need of having two apps from the same company installed on my phone yet they co-existed very well on just one app.

Got to admit the stand alone Mpesa app has some pretty neat features not present in the intergrated one in the Safaricom App plus other Mledger App-like features within itself.

The one thing that is missing is the Mshwari and KCB Wallets which i use alot not for their loaning facility but for saving and separating cash. I simply wont use it as often as i would’ve liked simply because of this missing feature.

And yes you do get free Data just for downloading and installing it on your phone. The data is ofcourse valid for 48hours.

What are your thoughts on the App?Screenshot_20210123-152416

Works well. Although transactions take some time to reflect. Ps: you gave to login using the sim card’s mobile data connection when setting up only

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loving using the app so far,the interface is well built and very informative.Making deposits and payments via paybill just got much easier

This app gave a rude shock to many after displaying on the homescreen, how much money you have transacted in a month, and then goes on to give the annual spread. Of course you can hide it, but that ad many people shocked. :smile:

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Dont know if it’s the new app version (1.2.4) or a server side update, but I’m unable to login using telkom internet as I did before

I, too, have noticed inasumbua sometimes when using other networks

Ever since I downloaded it more than a year ago until now, I still love using the application from the interface and information and making payment is much easier.