Mozilla Developing New Android Internet Browser 'Fenix'

We are all already deeply addicted to Chrome

that’s what I used to say until I downloaded Edge and could push websites from my phone to my PC

Even with such great features, I am still unable to switch from Chrome. I don’t know what kind of juju this is.


Seeing the improvements from the desktop version of Firefox make it into a mobile version is a big win. The feature set has matured and speaking of performance, Chrome finally has a worthy competitor.

Chrome is the de facto leader for a reason and everything else is either a clone of Chrome or inconsequential.

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Yes, very addicted.


I am sucked into that Chrome ecosystem on desktop and mobile, and I feel I should try disconnect. I may consider another browser on mobile.

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I can’t afford getting out of the chrome ecosystem hehe. Mozilla should stick to firefox

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Not everyone likes Chrome.

On the contrary am addicted to Samsung Internet i love to customize my browsing experience so fuck chrome


You do know that Samsung Internet is a Chrome clone?

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Not a Chrome clone, these browsers are based on Chromium, which is open source, same as Android AOSP vs Google’s Android.

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Valid point but let’s not forget Chromium’s source code is ready to compile and run out of the box while AOSP needs closed source device drivers and libraries to even get it running.

Semantics aside, Chrome and Chromium share the same code base and feature set.

Labeling the likes of Opera, Vivaldi and Samsung Internet as Chrome clones is appropriate seeing as they are merely tweaked versions of their big brother.

Let’s all agree that we do have peculiar browsing habits.

I normally browse with all major browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera…all at once.

Sijui hii ni uchawi gani…ni Mungu tu

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I use Chrome on my work PC and phone; Firefox on my home PC :joy:

My reason for this; Chrome,I believe, is a data hog (I use a limited data plan), uses more RAM & Storage (I have limited of these as well) than Firefox

Chrome on my phone? … it just feels right! …or ecosystem manenos, i guess.

haha wewe ni kiruka njia wa browsers!