Most of the Company Offering the Work from Home as there is period of Global Emergency but how to make technology work for you when you’re working from home?

As we know working from home is not attainable for everyone, but many of the office premises should be able to handle it without too much interference.

first broadband internet connection…in kenya,this means making sure you have a laptop/phone and maybe a modem(phone can act as modem) preferably on 3G or 4G…laptop has to have remote access to shared workspace provided by organization or remote desktop access to the office machine.Collaboration tools like Teams and slack come in handy now esp that now Microsoft teams is free.This mostly applies to organizations who operate mostly on the cloud or their on premises environment is available remotely.Anydesk and Teamviewer come in handy in providing remote desktop access to office machines.

The only problem working from home is internet speed.

Talk to your Internet provider and take some fast Internet Plan.