Monitor Vs TV Screen

Hey guys, I have been using my laptop as my main screen but with a recent kapromotion thinking of getting something bigger. The problem is my budget is 25k to 30k and I cant find any decent TV in that range. Should I buy a 27’’ IPS monitor instead?

Feedback will be highly appreciated.


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What exactly do you mean you cannot get any decent TV? I don’t see why you should spent 30k on a 27-inch display while you can get a 32-inch one.

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I wanted Full HD not HD. All Full HD are 35k and up

Full HD is 1920x1080 and the one @Omgitsdes shared is full hd at 26k.

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They lie in advertisements

kama huna haraka unaweza ngoja jumia blackfriday

Sawa acha nione

Just be patient kidogo for the offers to kick in soon.

I’d rather a monitor, you get more configuration options, especially adjusting brightness levels and switching to different modes, whether gaming or movie modes…plus you can always get a set top box if you wanted to watch tv…then again, what’s to watch on TV nowadays?

Halafu kuna ile viewing angle, nishaiona tv flani Luthuli inauzwa pesa yote na ukisonga kando unaona tu silhouette…so yeah, I’d go for a full HD monitor over a full HD TV

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Hii huwa ile situation yenye TV specs ni za uwongo

Bana kwanza pale Jumia watu huadvertise FHD kumbe ni 720p

Ndivo niliona. Pia last week nimeona msee ame order 4K TV akaletewa Full HD.

si haulipi kabla uone…anyway mimi thats why I only order specific products that I know otherwise online hii kenya ni tricky

ATA haikua online so it’s even worse.

@wizmelavin you should choose a monitor wisely since for it to have perfect specs at that price it’s tricky, especially in generic products.

A good monitor (Asus ndizo you can trust in Kenya) that’s 30" and up starts at around 40-50k.

If you want a good thing, save for it. Otherwise, just get the Sammy 720p TV for now (other than YouTube, you are stuck with 720p content or lower in Kenya).

Ex UK/Japan are very cheap and all cost 10k for 24" 1080p. For 15k you can add IPS to the mix. I agree the new ones in that price range are no good in Kenya.

People. Help needed. I am looking for a 60" TV with great visual output. A reliable brand and being UHD will be a bonus. Suggestions and price?

Just check Sony, Samsung, LG. Nothing else. Hii range you need to be careful what you pick and where you pick it. So, for these brands, visit Anisuma, Samsutech, and HotPoint. Also, Sammy and LG have their stores in Kenya; for sammy ni pale ICEA Building cbd, LG I think ni mombasa road.

Try the Samsung’s with the Quantum Dot Tech, i guess LG with OLED the price will skyrocket. Saw one for 90k in a Tuskys Supermarket and it was extremely good.