Monitor keeps on turning off

Hey guys, I have gotten a 21.5 HP monitor today and paired it with my laptop. The problem is it keeps on tuning off every 40 to 50 seconds and displaying this.

What’s the problem and solution?

In my opinion naona ni kama cable ndio iko na noma. Otherwise ikikataa kabisa rudisha for replacement… Or cash back.

Display gurus here will tell you what’s wrong, am not qualified enough.

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Pia na suspect cable but ikilenga nitarudisha kesho tu. Was hoping kuna some magic settings sijaweka.

I’ve experienced this problem with Lenovo monitors the office recently procured. Ilitusumbua akili but eventually solved it by going to ‘Power Saver Settings’. For some reason all the monitors were set to ‘1 minute sleep’ by default. Kama unatumia windows 10 type kwa search bar ‘power saver’, click on ‘choose a power plan’ to open ‘power saver’ window then click on 'change plan settings. B.adilisha hiyo time to 5minutes or more.

Nilikua nishafanya hivo. Ina black out na kurudi back on by itself

Na suspect cable pia na kama ni second hand it could be the ports too

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Pia another thing nime notice nikizima alafu nifungilie inakaa 5 minutes kabla haijaanza kublack out. Of course ni second hand :sob:

Then we were lucky monitor za job za lenovo were solved by that small tweak, badilisha cable uone kama hiyo ndio shida. Na by the way kwani haukutest kwa duka ukinunua?

Kuwa mbali na Nairobi si inabidi itumwe na parcel services

Second hand utumiwe, electronics :sob::sob::sob:

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Nilidhani kitu kama monitor nothing can go wrong