Money manager apps help

I need an app that has the option of including transaction fees on any expense. I have gone through several of the popular apps and they are missing that option. Any idea please?

check out cbaloop and the KCB App,they might have what you need

I am struggling to understand what exactly you meant by this

Just use Excel and personalize it according to your needs. I gave up looking for such an app ages ago. I use my own personalized excel workbook that does just that for me and i have been using it for the past 4 years now. Each worksheet in the workbook is specialized and coded in its own way to suit my banking, expenses & sidehustle needs. The best part is MS Office 2013 syncs whatever inputs i do on my laptop to the android excel app on my phone and vice versa thereby eliminating the need of ‘the much awaited’ app

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The apps are more like budget managers. You track your income and expenditure. But sasa unapata they have a provision of including transaction charges when transferring money from one account to another (assuming you sending from Equity to Mpesa so kuna place unaeka the transaction cost) but sasa under expenses hakuna provision ya transaction charges (for example when you pay mtu wa butchery nyama ukitumia mpesa to number yake juu hana paybill kuna mpesa charges). So you can only enter the transacted amount let’s say ya nyama 1kg=400bob but there is no where to input the cost of that mpesa transaction. So I’m asking kama kuna any app that has a provision for transaction charges on expenses.

That is true I can use Excel but given that these apps allow you to attach receipts (or screenshots) it makes them handy. They are all great but all of them seem to miss that simple input. Also, working on Excel on the go on a 5.5inch screen it’s cumbersome managing those worksheets on a small screen. However, if I fail to get an app that has the inclusion I’m looking for itabidi nimetumia Excel.

Thanks but I need an independent money manager app not linked to any banking service.

Over the years I’ve adjusted and learnt to live with it since there is no app yet that can manage my financial accounts to its entirety the way excel does.

Let me give it sometime and see. There is an app that purchased in 2016 and they have promised to include that provision in the next update. However, the update might take some time. Excel is great but I will give it until end month and weigh out the options I have.

I knew I had interacted with such an app, couldn’t figure out where. Now I’ve found it.

I had a pitch in my inbox to interview them, here’s their app. Haven’t interacted with it, so if you do please share the feedback.

On it thanks. I will give feedback

The app is great for mobile money transactions. However, it’s hard to make new entries for example for cash at hand transactions. Also, tracking is limited to Mpesa, KCB, Airtel Money, and Mshwari only.

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CBA Loop’s app has that but you’ll have to open an account with them and use their card to enjoy such services

What this guy needs is “You Need A Budget” (YNAB) app for windows and android.