Mobile web browsers... which one(s) do you use and why

Chrome diehard here. I occasionally unwillingly jump into Adblock browser territory because not everyone has tuned the ads on their site to be friendly to my meagre data bundles. What about you?

Google Chrome on my phone and PC!
I just love the continuity with Chrome.

Been using Chrome and stock phone browsers for a while now, @Mugendi quite recently advised me to try Firefox browser, something I’m yet to do. Who else uses Firefox on mobile and what does it do for you?

Chrome browser does the job

Firefox for ios user here. I use it because I can sync across all my devices although add-on support is limited by Apple’s tight restrictions.

Its still miles ahead of mobile Safari.

Opera mini users who happen to be the majority in Kenya, unfortunately cannot contribute to this topic. They cannot see through Javascript.

So there’s this use case by @Mwirigi

I honestly don’t see the importance of playing YouTube in the background. Maybe that’s because I only use YouTube for videos.

What do you use for music? Been finding myself using Youtube more and more for music, minus the videos.

SoundCloud… But I rarely stream music online.

Team bundles mwitu checking in

Hahaha, whatbare those? :joy: