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In my techathon today I bumped into this app called Mobdro here . Apparently it allows you to streaming anything and everything from HBO to ABC to you-name-it. I tried it and it seems to be working fine. And on this not I got to ask besides Youtube which streaming apps do you have on your mobile devices? Are they free? Are they good?

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Combined with a chrome cast this is pretty fantastic.

My sentiments exactly. Or simply mirroring.

I used to love that app until game time, Jesus. The buffering and poor SD quality was unbearable. I pay1500 a month and I get 580 HD channels with no buffer from a guy on OLX.

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Haiya, which guy? Any link? I have not watched football on Mobdro yet but I would like some new way of doing stuff. Knowledge never hurts.

Here’s the OLX link

I have checked his offers out. I think this what that guy is doing will be the norm in Kenya in a few years (sellling access to IPTV) with growth in access to high speed internet from home.

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What are you guys paying for when there is Kodi for android…and the many channels that come with the addons.Fast internet is the only thing you need…i mean i watch everything from sports,movies,series even All US,UK,European channels…


Been there, done that. Free addons drop all the time, got tired looking for new ones. What I have is stable, and I am not complaining paying for 1080p streams.

I actually found one stable addon called Exodus, it has all the movies and series you may ever need but the rest of the addons including live TV were not stable enough for me.

thanx weshpierre3, thats the best addon for series and movies i have discovered so far.

You are welcome. That add-on is a lifesaver.

I will bring back a conversation that seems to be forked to here where it belongs.


Guys,i found a great addon called Halow Live TV for kodi,it has working stable and reliable HD and SD channels for Beinsports 1 to 17,best addon to watch all football matches especially Beinsports 11 SD,which is very stable and reliable…try it out and let me know what you think.

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Very nice, just installed hallow live addon on my Kodi and currently watching Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid match on Bein Sports 11 sd. Thanks for this one man

Now you people make me miss my collapsed Remix which can’t get back up just because I can’t get a wired keyboard and mouse for use when flashing a new ROM. And the Android box I have (X92) is not the most well behaved.

Why don’t you just use your laptop and connect it to your tv via HDMI

Why did I make the assumption it’s an Android only solution? Thanks.

Nice indeed. I installed it. Took a few minutes for it to sync properly and now it works like charm. Couldn’t have a better one.

Ajax vs Lyon on Modbro Bein Sport 14 HD very clear and flawless streaming