Microsoft VS GOOGLE

Today Microsoft pulled down the YouTube wrapper app from the store citing poor quality and asking Google to stop pulling down it’s app or give Windows users same experience as android and IOS users. This is one of the steps in cleaning Windows store and mspoweruser reports more are to go down. It will be interesting to see Google’s reaction and for me as a Windows enthusiast come loyalist am happy this happened. It shows Microsoft is keeping it’s promise of offering quality not quantity. I also feel Microsoft is doing less in terms of restricting android I mean why are office apps in play store and Google has none in Windows store??? Remove office apps from play store sign an agreement with OEMs let office apps come preinstalled in their devices but not in play store they’ll come looking for u after all. Android and chrome cant offer apps of office quality infact Google stole some YouTube features from Microsoft’s own YouTube app.

Pascal, are you aware that Microsoft is ending the Lumia line-up, or do you mean for the experience on other devices?

yeah am aware I meant sign agreement like they did with Samsung to come with office apps preinstalled

It makes little sense for Microsoft to withdraw its office apps from the play store because it doesn’t cost them anything to put them there. If anything it might help them to attract more users to their ecosystem because Android is the largest smartphone platform in terms of sheer users. Windows mobile is struggling a lot and there are rumors that it might even be discontinued. It’s therefore not sensible to remove their apps from the play store.

Wasn’t this so they could launch Surface phones in Fall 2017? The surface lineup is doing pretty well so a phone is inevitable (even Razor is looking to make phones)

I think Microsoft should have a partnership with Android handset manufacturers (Samsung Mainly) and allow Multi-OS support - maybe even dual boot. Spec wise, every Phone from the S6 generation is more than capable of handling Windows Mobile 10 (or Surface Mobile, if you wana call it that).

Microsoft has Linux in its store. Surely android can’t be far away.

If Microsoft pulled its apps from the store, they would feel the loss. Android has a lot more office apps that I dare say work better than MS Office.

At the moment, Microsoft has no bargaining power. The best they can do is remain relevant by continuing to offer apps on Android. The company, through Microsoft Garage has released some great Android apps.

As for parnership, that could work but at the cost of the user dealing with “bloatware”.

Come on Teri. Its a phone, it is already too complicated as it is. What I would like to see is Continuum working with Android. When I dock, it runs full Windows 10, when I undock, I am back to Android.

This would be interesting. Samsung sells 128GB Flagships with 6GB RAM, a Deca Core processor (Maybe a Snapdragon 9xx) & 4000+ mAh battery Running Windows 10S or 10 pro depending on ones upgradability.

Dex would be far more useful that way instead of trying to run android. Apple & Google could clone this and run their Chrome OS for students or Mac OS for Apple users (once apple figures things out that is)

This would be a turn for true near-PC like performance in your pocket.

Yup. If only they would actually dare to try

Microsoft successfully showcased Adobe Photoshop running on a laptop based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor.

I was MIND BLOWN after seeing that.

We are about to witness very powerful but cheap Windows tablets/laptops. Think Chromebook prices for a laptop that can run everyday applications.

I think if they actually do it, it will be a game changer for Microsoft.