Microsoft is ending support for Windows Essentials in 2017

Support for Microsoft’s Windows Essentials will end next month, here is the message by Microsoft on the Microsoft Essentials page, software is still available for download though.

Windows Essentials 2012 suite will reach end of support on January 10, 2017

And here is what you will miss when it’s gone.

Windows Essentials 2012 is a suite of free programs that can help you organize and edit photos and videos, manage email, create blog posts, and keep your files in sync. You can choose which programs you want to install or you can install all of them. Windows Essentials 2012 works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Windows Essentials includes the following programs:

  • Photo Gallery. Everything you need to organize, edit, and publish your photos.
  • Movie Maker. Tell your story in style. Make a polished movie from your photos and videos in just a few clicks.
  • Windows Live Writer. Create stunning blog posts in minutes, with photos, videos, maps, and more. Then publish them to any of your favorite blog service providers.
  • Windows Live Mail. Manage multiple email accounts, calendars, and your contacts, even when you’re offline.
  • OneDrive. With OneDrive installed on all your computers, you can get to the latest version of your files wherever you are.

I believe some will miss Windows movie maker, I will miss the photo gallery app which I’ve been a regular user of. I did try blogging from the Windows Live writer after a suggestion by @NairobiWP. I use Onedrive but that’s available outside of Windows Essentials from way back.

I will definitely miss Movie Maker.

The last time I used Movie Maker I was in second year, making a simple movie for my multimedia class presentation. It’s one of those little things that made Windows really great to have. RIP. Are we getting replacements? Or what does Windows 10 and its many features offer along those lines?