MI Box S Android 9.0 Update

I have been using the Mi Box for a while now. I haven’t had any problems with it, recently they sent a software update. My box is still on Android 8.1 for those who have the update is it any better?

btw i am interested in getting this box,following this thread

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It’s a very good device. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I would highly recommend Fire TV stick 4K for anyone interested in streaming devices. You can also sideload android apps if you want to, plus there is a lot of support from developers. You can do almost anything on firestick 4k that you can on android boxes… In my opinion. Anyone else with a similar or opposing view?

PS: the latest firestick 4k, not the 2017 one.

I also use the FireTV 4k version and I think it is absolutely reliable (fast and consistent). I had thought of getting Mi Box S but I found out it does not support either dolby vision or atmos (can’t remember which one) and that was a tradeoff I did not want to make just for the sake of future proofing my devices.


I understand that the fire TV 4K is a superior brand to the Mi Box S, but it ends there. In terms of quality and performance the Mi Box S does and offers you more! And it runs on Android too so you can do anything with it. 20200428_091150|375x500

Nothing beats the Mi-box S in my opinion, well apart from the Nvidia Shield which is hella expensive. Hiyo firestick is a bother I can tell you that for free coming from a person who has sold both devices to clients back in the day. To you the firestick may look very attractive but to the seller let me give you my point of view.

Alot of complaint calls came from dissapointed firestick clients as opposed to the Mi-box S. Kwanza the older versions had this common problem of locking out some clients out of their firesticks once an update checked in, their amazon accounts simply could not recognize the device anymore. One had to go back to their amazon account page on PC to deregister the old device for it to login back in. (sometimes even this approach dint even work) Kumbuka this is the same firestick the account sees as a different device smh. Most of my clients din’t know this nilipigwa simu kuruka.

The older firestick had a not too user friendly interface and lack of apps as compared to Android. But since we are talking about the current firestick, this one uses a customized android interface and not the official certified one from Google like Mi-box and Nvidia shield do, you have to navigate alot just to get to what you want. Firestick lacks alot of apps that explaining to them on how to sideload apps on it is a headache to them. The thing can’t even play decent new generation Android games so clients with kids who play games were really dissapointed.

There is no Chromecast support on the firestick just screen mirroring or download a separate app for this which is utter crap. And don’t even get me started on the new generation firestick dolby atmos nonsense people run to nowadays. What people don’t understand is you must have a compatible dolby atmos TV or get a sound bar with upward facing speakers coz atmos relies on actual overhead/upward facing seakers for you to exeperience its fullness. The Mi-box on the other hand has Dolby DTS which is object based surround sound so your kawaida 5.1 speaker setup works just perfect with it. The number of calls I got from people complaining hii firestick haina dolby atmos na saa hizo mjamaa ako na 5.1 speaker type home theater kwa nyumba ilinichokesha.

Dolby vision pia doesn’t make sense if your TV has an 8 or 10bit color panel. Dolby Vision is compatible with 12bit color panel TVs. Mi-box is 4K HDR compatible which most TVs around have (10bit color panels). Dolby Vision compatible TVs are Hella expensive as compared to the widely available HDR10 TVs. At some point niliacha kuuza hizo firesticks only concentrating on the Mi-box S coz of the peace of mind.

Personally I’ve used both devices in my house and they are pretty much the same I couldn’t see any noticeable difference, both produce 4K HDR videos very well with no lag and pretty snappy in their response time. But I found myself using Mi-box S more coz of its Chromecast feature. (I cast stuff alot from my phone or laptop to it)

It’s Google assistant voice operated remote and Google certified user interface makes it easier to navigate through the box. (The firestick has Alexa but it pretty much didn’t get stuff as much as Google assistant did). Not to mention the regular security update patches i kept getting and the more recent software update. Being a YouTube addict I didn’t like the YouTube on firestick, sideloading it din’t work that well as it randomly crashed after hours of watching. Hivyo ndio niliuza hiyo firestick nikabaki na Mibox-S to date.

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Got 9.0 update late last year and its quite good. What you’ll get is a new settings layout, a new volume slider and Prime Video now comes pre-installed. I’ve noticed the new remotes of newer Mi-box S have a Prime button instead of a Live button. But I digress.

The only problem you’ll get with the new update is Chromecast will stop working. But don’t worry all you have to do to get it working again is to navigate to settings>apps>see all apps>show system apps>Chromecast android shell>unistall updates.
Restart your Mi-box and Chromecast will work again.

Imebidi niweke kazi kando niongee kama user wa FireTV stick 4k

It actually has a lot of apps baked in, and you can download others from store.

Everything is right there on your screen, wacha nipige picha uone… (Linked below :grin:). And no, I don’t think anyone buying firestick wants an android interface… In my opinion.

It can play games if you into that can kind of thing, but I don’t think that anyone buys a streaming device to play games. seriously.

I wanted to buy Chromecast 3rd gen but after realizing that hio stuff the only thing it does is cast, I got the firestick 4k. If I want to cast, (Which I rarely do), I don’t have any issue installing a third party app.

Firestick 4k has support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+.

Alexa is really good on the firestick, I’m thinking of getting an echodot for more versatility. Got no complaints.

You no longer have to sideload youtube, they resolved their differences and now it’s baked in and working great.

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Haha kila nyani na njaro zake, If the firestick floats your boat then by all means do you :smile:

Remember I was speaking from the sellers point of view, you as the buyer wouldn’t know this. You fall under the category of clients who do not buy it for the gaming but for streaming. Clients who bought it solely for their young ones coz of Youtube Kids and Gaming were considerably high.

Again, my point was I know it does, but the TVs most clients have are not 12bit panel compatible thus the Dolby Vision feature on the firestick is useless on them. Most TVs we have reach upto 10bits. The 12bit panel TVs are hella expensive. And again, why would a client who has a 12bit panel dolby vision ready TV buy a smart streaming device for the TV when such TVs are always top tier flagship with premium smart features built in.

That store is limited you and i know it :smile: it can’t compare to Playstore when it comes to favorite apps for clients. I always downloaded aptoide app on clients firestick ndio wasinisumbue na maswali za sideloading of their favorite apps.

Hehe that layout is too cluttered it hurts, look at how clean the official Google Android TV layout for the Mi-box is below.

And just for the record, Mi-box and Nvidia shield user interface :point_right:Same whatsapp group :smile: Na kwani hiyo firestick yenyu haina screenshot feature built in? Lazima unipigie picha na simu? that’s just a by the way :smile:

Hapa naona you are too subjective to speak the truth :smile:

I thought you said you no longer sell them, as far as I’m concerned, most of the issues you are referring to are from the older generations of firesticks. Have you used the firestick 4k? not the 2017 one.

You tried to say it doesn’t have HDR 10 like mi box

My friend, hapa sasa you are just nitpicking, ata those who have mi box or even OLEDs from LG, who has a 12 bit panel? Do you have it? Also, remember that All HDR versions are way ahead of their hardware counterparts. I don’t get your point here when trying to compare two products that don’t meet the criteria

It’s limited but you can always sideload apps, all apps na kina kodi work perfectly on my device.

Yaani hii yako na yangu which is more cluttered?? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: seriously?

Yaani you are too biased on this argument that ina kufanya blind to anything. But if your experience is from the older generation, I understand.

I agree with everything @Krizwech says. I would not recommend the fire stick for anyone. And I’m speaking as a firestick owner but planning to dispose of it and just go with a Mibox soon.

The amazon app store is extremely limited compared to the play store. Plus even sideloading is hit or miss coz of two reasons. One a lot of apps rely on google play services and simply won’t run when installed on the firestick. While you can try to install play store and play services plus a whole host of dependent services you didn’t even know existed it will soon become a big hassle keeping things updated without breaking others. Two is the outdated Fire OS. The current version on the firestick 4k is based on 7.1 Nougat, an os launched over 4 years ago and some apps simply won’t launch. I think they start laughing huko in the background :grinning:

That home screen is super clunky to navigate. kwanza the way it hides apps on different tabs. Then the most frustrating thing for me is that the entire home screen disappears when your internet connection is down. When my net is down I still have stuff I can watch on plex and on the local network storage but you have to go digging around in the settings to find the apps since the home screen becomes a gigantic please connect your internet button.

Hapa tena, with stay at home in effect I wanted to cast to the big screen. Chromecast not supported. No free casting apps option, you have to buy apps to cast and all those apps have sub 3-star reviews coz they barely work and it’s very hit or miss.

I think in short the firestick (4k or kawaida) is just a bad option, go with a legit android tv device.


Shida za the old one nilimalizia hapo kwa locking clients accounts out, the rest of the problems, or should i say clients misconceptions are all for Firestick 4K which i had in my house but sold it coz ilinibo. Read the last paragraph.

i said no such thing, Both devices are 4K HDR ready with the only resolution feature the Firestick has over the Mi-Box is one useless Dolby Vision feature that no one actually experiences juu hakuna mtu ako na 12bit panel TV ya kuionea.
Hii back and forth is in the wrong thread, it should be under Android Box Battle Royale ndio tumenyane vizuri

What??? :smile: :smile: :smile: That’s a petty argument. Do you really need a 12 bit panel to watch Dolby Vision? My friend, pictures are remastered to fit the currrent tech, and Dolby Vision is way better than HDR 10, only HDR10+ comes close. Hivi ndivyo unajiambia kujustify lack of Dolby Vision in Mi box, when deep down you actually know its not true. Watch ata reviews from guys like HDTV Test (certified calibrator) au Villaman, Standard HDR with static metadata is crap. You can’t compare it with Dolby Vision :rofl: :rofl:

  1. Here is a honest conclusion, if you want gaming and you are die hard fan wa android, get the mi box.
  2. If you have invested in Dolby Atmos sound system and have a Dolby Vision TV, but don’t care about gaming android apps on TV, don’t waste your money on Mi Box.

On Chromecast, Google and Amazon are slowly resolving their differences, and just like youtube, it will be supported soon. But currently I don’t care about it.

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Those days i had so many Firestick owners come back and purchase the Mi-Box S and they were pretty much satisfied with it. Including the 4K Firestick owners. Firestick haiwezi fikia Mi-box in terms of functionality, usability and versatility. The only thing Firestick has over Mibox is Portability, nothing else.

Which fire stick do you use?

To experience Dolby Vision in its entirety, Yes you do need 12bit Panel TVs, story ya kuremaster ni kienyeji (reminds me of the days we used to buy those glass panel covers to make black and white TVs colored. Hiyo sasa ndio ilikuwa remasterd yetu) :smile: just get the real thing.

Wacha kukataa facts just for the sake :smile: :smile: :smile:. Everyone knows (apart from you, apparently) that nothing competes with DV, even in its current format. The fact that HDR 10 uses static metadata is the reason even Samsung shifted to HDR10+ to compete with DV.

Yeah, the word here is compete but bado hawajafika. TV mob Kenya ni HDR10/HDR10+, sasa mbona nijisumbue na device inadai DV yet my TV can only hack upto HDR10+.

The day i’ll get to afford a TV with 12bit capability i wouldn’t even need any of the two streaming devices coz that TV will have top tier Smart features included within itself. Those to me are The Sony A and X series. My dream TVs

No TVs currently have 12 Bit panels. Expect that in 2023 huko. In the mean time, tone by tone mapping offered by DV and HDR10+ are the best things that exist in HDR. That’s not the reason to not get a DV tv now. Hapa kenya at at 70k you can get DV tv.

Arguments aside, everyone has his/her preferences, and each streaming device has its strengths. Get what you prefer.

In Kenya I recommend these (in no particular order, choose according to what you really want); Fire stick 4k (not the old model, and not the none 4k version), Chromecast 3rd gen, Nvidia shield TV (if you can swallow that price), and any android box you think will fit your need.

Otherwise, you can also stick to TV UI. I recommend these UIs: WebOS latest version (LGs), Tizen (Samsung), or android if you can put up with lagginess. Personally, AndroidTV UI is an acquired taste, but many might like it.

Tufanye kazi sasa. Later