Meet the Kenyan Visa HQ,

So, if you happen to travel, chances are that you may start with a simple Google search to find out more about your destination and the travel requirements if you have never been there before. In my case, my first port of call is usually VisaHQ before branching out to other places like the travel section of StackExchange. I just learned of the existence of a new Kenyan portal that aims to provide simple information on visas for Kenyans and East Africans travelling to other parts of the world.
I tried out the site by keying in a couple of destinations like Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Burma, Grenada, Monaco and a couple of others. They all returned a null result and I was instead presented with an option to contribute information about those particular states since it looks like it hasn’t been added to the database. So, its like they’re crowdsourcing some aspects of it. Hopefully, they are verifying everything being keyed in as the wrong information may end up being published. Searches for other more popular destinations like Germany, Australia, South Africa and China returned the expected results.
It is still advisable to visit the websites of the respective diplomatic missions to get the true picture, though. Most of these information portals ( simply aggregate the information and it may not be as spot on as you may want and because the requirements keep on changing. For most available states on, links to websites of the diplomatic missions or their consular sections are included and that’s a good place to start after ascertaining whether a visa is needed or not.
Right now, according to their Twitter, caters to East Africans with the rest of the world “coming soon in phase 2”.
This is a good start.

The link doesn’t exist

Well, it is 3 years down the line…