Meet PichApp Android that helps Mobile Phone Users Print Photos and create picture books wherever they are

Meet PichApp, a new mobile photo printing app that allows users in Kenya who likes taking photos on their phones choose their best pictures and place an order for them to be printed at an affordable price. The photos will be delivered to their doorstep! Talk of surprise every month.

With the Pichapp, users can can choose either ‘Pichabook’ or ‘Loose photos’ option while ordering. With Pichabook, one can select their best 50 photos. The photos will then be compiled in a beautiful 50 pages photobook of 4x6 inch. On the other hand, for the lose photos option, the prints will be done in 4x6 sizes and delivered to them.

The cost of one Pichabook is Ksh.1000 and each lose photo goes for Ksh.15 each. Courier fee of Ksh.250 applies for deliveries within Nairobi and Ksh.500 for outside Nairobi. Think about it;
You can make this as gift to someone you love.
Here are some gift ideas.

  • An awesome baby gift for a family trip
  • Vacation gifts for a couple get a way
  • A keep sake for a grandma! 100% guaranteed to make her smile
  • A simple wedding gift to remember that special day
  • Sports teams
  • Boy scouts or other organizations
  • Small business showcasing their work
  • Home improvements books
  • Food books! Document your work!
  • Just something special to let them know how you much love them.

The is available for download free of charge here.