Meet Goby App for Merchants on a subscription model

So I have interacted with Goby App, by Scangroup that is for merchants to install and set up online shops from within the app. Easy set up and you set a subdomain from within the app and publish your online store yourself.
It allows you to add categories and products, with images, prices and stock units, as well as see reports of sales and customers. Sales process is direct contact to the app and WhatsApp, and merchant takes it up with customer.

What are your thoughts about it?

Is there a consumer facing Goby app? like jumia,jiji and others…coz they got apps where i can quickly order and pay on my phone…website stores are tricky coz of discovery limitations…i no longer google for stores online as the current existing ones serve me quite well…apps are the way to go…

No, app is for merchant back end only, shops are accessed via web.

waaaah noma sana,oh well,good luck to them.