Masoko What's With the Poor Customer Support?

So yesterday afternoon I hastily made a purchase for these basic printers 3 in 1. After an hour or two I remember that I did not check if cartridges are provided (BW and Color). The seller only mentions that the USB cable is not provided but does not mention whether the cartridges are provided or not.

So I reach out to Masoko support and tell them to put the product on hold until the seller clarifies whether cartridges are provided or not. Masoko responded after 3 hours telling me that the product has been put on hold. The support agent goes ahead to ask me what specifically do I want to know. I repeat myself.

Today in the morning, I remind them once more. They reached out to me two hours later. No problem. Patience is my clande. But then up to now they are yet to get back to me with the information I have asked for. Sasa nashindwa seller amekula kona ama ni broker anajua broker mwenye broker anajua broker ule ni brother ya broker anajua seller sasa.

I think for support, I’ll have to give a plus to Jumia.

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I’ll just follow.
Such products am used to buying them myself at the shop.

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I was trying them out for the first time to see vile wako. Also ni vile niko pretty caught up in some gig and I need the printer like yesterday. So my movements are very limited. But after this, narudi tu jumia. They do their best to get back to you the way Safaricom puts a high priority on complaints channeled through social media.

I also noticed the same with Little. Had a complaint and they responded after 48hrs. Na hivyo ndivyo tuliachana.

Its good to try out new experience yes but you see how they’ve let you down this much?
They underrated Jumia I think and seems Jumia is doing a lot to keep up with better services!

Meeen! Not what I expected. Next time for such items that I don’t have time I will have to use Jumia. I remember even changing delivery location on one item a few hours after purchase. They called after like an hour and I confirmed the change of location. The item was in my hands less than 36hrs later.

Sure they are faster. I don’t have much experience with jumia though, mimi ni msee wa kilimall & Pigiame lol

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Pigia me? hehehe. Itabidi we taste waters

That’s the oldest online platform I know and my first online legendary purchase was transacted there!

Damn! That is awesome to know.

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:joy: ni mabroker wanaeza kua wamejaa huko

So I wake up and decide to check Masoko’s wall on Facebook. Machosi tu. The complaints are heartbreaking.

Wow! So many 1 star reviews. I did not think it was that bad.

It’s really bad. Last I heard from them was 24 hours ago. By 3pm today it will be 48 hours without them giving me feedback from seller. I have requested they credit my Masoko account if it is hard to locate the seller so that I can buy from a different seller. Did it yesterday evening and today morning. Having a monologue on my email.

Surprisingly, they don’t have a number that you can call.

I have contacted Safaricom directly and they have made a refund. Huko sirudi tena. Now to find time to get a printer.

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They’ve wasted your time and of course airtime

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Too bad for them. Kesho naamkia Kimathi street sasa.