Marketing Strategy by Chinese TV Brands (and its effect)

Many of you have heard this quote, “nunua TCL na Hisense, wachana na zingine” This quote refers to how these brands currently offer “great TVs” at competitive prices. For the most part, these brands have demonstrated that you do not need to spend a lot to get a good TV. However, this only applies to some markets, and many regions are suffering due to this strategy.

The strategy used by leading Chinese TV brands is offering the most “specced” gadgets in Europe and North America at significantly low prices; you would even wonder how they make a profit. This strategy has led to many TV reviewers comparing these brands to tier-one companies such as Samsung, LG, and others. Subsequently, many people in Kenya think that Chinese TVs in the local market (from these brands) are as capable as their counterparts in the EU and US. You will be surprised :roll_eyes:.

None of the TVs sold by these brands in the US or EU exist in Kenya. What you get here are stripped versions with crappy hardware that many consumers are unlikely to notice. Further, the “low quality” versions in Kenya are sold at a higher cost than better versions in the US. For example, TCL and Hisense sell the 6 series and H8F models in the US and EU, but if you compare them with the P6 or H series in Kenya, you will think that they are fake versions.

Yes, Samsung and LG also use this strategy in some cases, but they do not remove key features in the Kenyan market. Instead, they just rename them and reduce screen sizes (40” vs. 43 or 49” vs. 50” for similar prices). It’s time we said NO to the marketing ploy by TCL and Hisense. I’m not bashing them; I think they are capable. What I need is better specs in all markets. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa :slightly_smiling_face:.


I was arguing this issue with Encheze on Twitter and I am glad to see someone else noticed. My view is exactly like yours; we have the “knock-off” versions of TCL and Hisence while the US in particular has the actual premium versions of these brands. Encheze kept insisting that this strategy is used by LG and Samsung as well and all other companies but for non-flagship products. I still don’t buy that view because the LG and Samsung here are either Riveroad fakes (counterfeits) or legit manufacturer versions. Most of these models by Smasung for instance are available in all markets. TCL on the other hand has this Harman Kardon version of TV running android only sold to third-world markets as the best quality. This model (plus other model seen locally) are not sold anywhere in the EU or US. It doesn’t even have any reviews.

I feel like this is the same debate sorrounding Always - the pads brand - where they have different products for the developed world and for third-world countries. And they admitted to using inferior materials (even in their apparently improved version) for the local market. One wonder why they can’t just sell the same products across all markets and let customers choose the price points they want.

Anyway, the only upside to TCL mainly is that it has brought some premium features (some form of HDR and 4K picture) at very low costs.


I noticed this as well. I have a TCL 32 inches. I noticed that it is very different from what I see listed on Amazon. Getting the Netflix app to work was a nightmare. Deezer refused completely. I can’t even factory reset this damn thing. I could flash a better ROM but it is not compatible with anything. I feel like Chinese TV manufacturers are the Tecno of TVs. Selling shiny garbage to the poor


Oiii, the Tecno’s of TVs phrase got to me. I’m clapping right now.:joy::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: