Mall for Africa Closed?

So, I’m trying to buy a laptop from abroad and I decided to check Mall for Africa rates.

I Installed the Chrome extension on Monday and it failed to work. Then I thought it may be a glitch or browser issue. Changed PCs, still nothing.

Then I remembered they have an Android App. I tried to check PlayStore but its missing. Okay, I wondered on what could be wrong.

Tuesday the same thing. Today, no change. And I thought, let me check out their Facebook page. I have found lots of complaints.

Guys claiming money missing from their Mall For Africa wallet balances. Others complaining about waiting for weeks for products to arrive. Support are no longer responding to emails nor picking phone calls.

Then I came across a comment claiming that they’ve closed shop. Investors have pulled out.

Is this true?


Really waiting for someone to provide insight on this, and I wonder if it’s an issue specific to Mall for Africa or if others like Statesduka are affected as well…I wonder if the businesses are profitable :thinking:

These Somalis have been around for years. That means it’s profitable.

Mall For Africa hyped itself as a Silicon Valley thing. Attracted investors that need their money back fast.

Also their fees was a bit high, especially given that they included VAT, which the Somalis dodge.


I had actually used them when they started in Kenya and shipping was fast , however recently I noted they have not been active on social media like they used to be . I think the shipping business was unsustainable, secondly MFA prices were so high I think because they were actually using DHL to do the shipping .I actually think MFA was DHL masquerading as Mall for Africa .

@deewinc There you’ve it Nigerian eCommerce platform, MallforAfrica, has shut down operations, possible rebranding could be imminent

Took almost three weeks for someone to publish about it :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: