M-Pesa's Future in Jeopardy? PesaLink and Equitel Gaining Popularity FAST

PesaLink has already transacted over 2.5 Billion in less than 4 months. In 2016, Equitel transacted over 100 billion. However, when compared with Mpesa’s 15+ Billion a day, both PesaLink and Equitel might look like a drop in the ocean. However, given that Mpesa has lasted for nearly a decade and a half, if they don’t take charge by removing the erroneous charges especially when it comes to P2P transfers, their future is jeopardized. I abandoned Mpesa over a year ago in favor of Equitel and I seldom use it. Only on emergency cases. What do you think the future holds for mpesa?

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I think you are right. More and more people are abandoning mpesa for transfer of large amount of money because the cost sending escalates fast as the amount increases. Personally, i use Equitel mostly. I have also found that mpesa is awkward kind of. With equitel, you can buy airtime for all networks but with mpesa that is not possible. The more i use equitel, the more i see mpesa is awkward in some situations. I guess we will reach a point where nobody really gives a damn about mpesa as other options will be equally good, convenient and even cheaper.

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Yes,i agree.Now with CAK proposing to include seamless interoperability between MPESA,Airtel Money and other mobile money providers.It means that MPESA is about to lose its competitive edge within the next few months.

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I also equitel, but on some level mpesa is still king in speed and accessibility, I use mpesa to top up equitel, in paying bills mpesa is fast, equitel takes time to get responses.
Also some niche payments eg my cdsc account, government services only mpesa works

Equitel takes time to get responses.

I have never experienced this. My transactions have been almost instantaneous. (Unless it is a payment to a different bank. Equity to Equity is still instant)

I expect more businesses to integrate Eazzy Pay since the API is currently available.

The only thing I hate about Equity Bank is the terrible customer care at the branches. Most of the staff members are unfriendly and/or rude and look so overwhelmed. (I still have nightmares about the Mama that opened my account. *shrugs)

I’m not a chauvinist but women in work places are generally poor when it comes to serving people. I have an experience where my ex-boss and a woman for that matter never hired any female employees. The only female employee was a receptionist, cleaner, and tea lady.

Wengine wetu tulikua mandume. She could hardly get along with female employees. She was a nutt case though.

But coming back to Equity Bank there was one who was dismissed form Buru Buru branch. She was of Somali origin. She had a very good heart and hata uende jioni bank utathania ameingia kazi sasa. So full of energy and very welcoming. I feel bad she is no longer thesasa

Another one was a teller at Co-op bank a few years ago. Went to bank money na akaanza ma story :joy::joy::joy:. I’m like we have people on the queue lakini yeye amepamba moto like just a bit kidogo :joy::joy::joy:.

She was paged so I thought may be ameniona akafeel poa. So it’s good to let people have a good mood.

Anyway, others unapata teller ama customer care. In good faith you greet them and mtu anajifanya hajaskia salamu. Anakuambia “Ati nini?” unarudia salamu mtu anakuambia “sema!”

If Facebook integrated with this, it would really give safaricom a run for it’s money. After successful testing, they could impliment P2P money transfer via whatsapp - whatsapp is already encrypted and numbers are unique. This would solve the mobile money issue for everyone outside the Apple ecosystem :clap::clap::clap:

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@deewinc - I have been served by ladies at KCB and Stanbic banks and they were amazing people. Co-op gave me biscuits the last time I was there. (I was closing my account :smile:).

@TeriWanderi - Everytime I use a Facebook product, I die a little bit inside.

Anybody know what happened to the Safaricom M-Pesa split? I think sometime last year there were talks about splitting M-Pesa from Safaricom.

Last I heard Bob Collymore speak on the subject that was not an option as agreed by Safaricom shareholders. He said that “it was not a good idea for the consumers”.

At the back of his mind I’m sure he meant “Stokeholders” :joy::joy::joy:

Man at least you can see that…Facebook can disrupt mobile payments locally if they really wanted to…their properties like whatsapp and facebook/facebook messenger plus instagram already have millions of users locally…If they implemented a P2P money transfer solution and integrated/partnered with Pesalink…that would be serious disruption that would force MPESA to evolve from a USSD based solution…One can easily send money from one person to another and the money moves in the background from one bank account to another…think Venmo…

Anyone who doesnt have to pay for the products they use can’t honestly call themselves a consumer, he’s basically being sponsored to promote the company and wouldn’t know what was good for consumers unless it was out in a lawsuit.

Yes they can, And I hope they do. They are in a great position right now given how YouTube is treating it’s content creators - Google picked advertisers over content creators so some have decided to share on other platforms. P2P Money Transfer would threaten both Western Union & MPESA unless either or both decide to partner with FB.

Banks can be the back end for depositing large sums of money while agents can convert from mobile money to pesa link agents making their services cross network.

Safaricon has bundle plans for showmax, I’d be interested in knowing how that’s working out - independent data, can’t trust safaricon’s reports to be unbiased. I’d asked showmax to partner with their FTTH plan instead as it made more sense (would you spend an extra 7-70K a month to download tv shows via 4G when you could just sync them offline via FTTH Wi-Fi? :eyes:)

Showmax should be rushing to target FTTH,thats exactly their market…partnering with Safaricom on bundles just because they want to go mainstream on 4G/3G can backfire.If they can partner with FTTH providers and onboard as many as possible to subscribe to their offerings,they will have a startup subscriber base and recurring revenues they can count on then build on that through Partnerships with Airtel or Telkom with Unlimited throttled plans on 3G/4G…I Believe that strategy can get them to 1 million MAUs in Kenya in 2 years with proper marketing and strategy execution.

Partner with FTTH gives them a three fold result

  • they get in the door off every FTTH subscriber
  • they get a partner with a bigger amrkering budget basically promoting them
  • they get a chance to show people that showmax > DSTV/ZUKU

Their offline sync to their app is a big feature if they market it properly. Commutes are anywhere feom 30 min to 2 hours long, plenty of time to catch up on a series or finish that movie from last night.

Yes,maze…the sync feature is dope…they can adapt their marketing to show how users can take advantage of showmax on the move and once they get home…a demonstration of all their platforms from phone,browser,Smart TV should be explored…they should also consider creating an experience store/centre in the CBD where guys can go to experience all their product offerings across all devices as well as sell/onboard curious potential users.

Haven’t tried ShowMax and sadly won’t.