M-pesa Global and Fuliza (Okoa Mpesa)

Two new items in mysafaricom app under Mpesa. Mpesa Fukiza and M-pesa Global. Safaricom is pushing back the frontiers of M-pesa.

For Fuliza, I understand it will be a credit card of a kind or in other words an Okoa Mpesa.

interesting developments here,esp sending money to bank accounts in other countries

“M-Pesa Global will allow M-Pesa users to send and receive money from across the globe through various money remittance services such as Western Union, World Remit and HomeSend.”

With M-Pesa Global, is it now possible for businesses in Kenya receive money from abroad or is it just individuals?

I signed up and the only option I have now is Mpesa to PayPal. I do use it occasionally but I don’t understand why I can’t use Western Union from the same menu.

As far as I know, it’s individuals for now. Maybe businesses will get added later.

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Why don’t I have this Fuliza thing on my app or is it due to the sim swap i did recently

It also disappeared in my app after I started the thread. (Labda iliskia hii 411 ikahepa :joy::joy::joy:)

Fuliza hasn’t yet been approved by CBK. That’s why Safaricom had to pull it.

Ooh haha. Hii maneno kumbe ni banking tupu

@sarunibm Some of the bits(for instance on fees, loan limits, transactions that are Fuliza “enabled”) you have in your fuliza story are different from the T&C and FAQS.

Thank you… Watu wa Techweez will address this.