Low Cost Shipping From Kenya to the United States - Help

Hello guys,

I need assistance in identifying a shipping company that ships from Kenya to the United States at affordable rates. Kama we’ve discussed it in the group, I’ll be glad if anyone can tag me on that post or comment.

Are signing up as an consumer or business? Business rates are way way cheap. All you need is your business papers i.e permit and tax stuff
Then I’d suggest aramex

Individual for this time.

The ones i used were expensive. They charged me 35 usd and on top of that 15 usd for every Kg

3,500 for what before they add 15USD 15kgs per KG?

The thinking behind it was that there might be an instance where someone would buy an item less than a KG for example. That is why they have an initial fee of 35usd

Which one do you use now? Last I sent an item via Posta-USPS and they charged me 9,500 for like 6.5kgs. The tracking was nice. Reported the item’s movement from Posta to the recipient’s doorstep. Took like 16 days to arrive.

I’m scared of posta. I use the Eastleigh companies

Which one? Tried to ask around but none supported shipping to the U.S. from Kenya.

Use Airmail.

They’ve told me they don’t do Kenya to USA

Oh i didn’t get you wanted the other way around. That’s a rarity