Low cost shipping from China for small items

Hello guys. can we discuss about the available options for shipping from China to Kenya? Especially for small items? any suggestions please?

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I would also like to know… I have canceled many “small” items on aliexpress and others due to shipping…

I know a person who uses Jumia Global. delivers in 3 weeks without fail. That is if its on Jumia Global.

Well well well. shipping company my brother.

Following as well

I get it know

Mkipata mniambie…

I came across a video late last year from a Kenyan beauty (I think) vlogger.

It was a fairly detailed walkthrough on how she buys stuff from AliExpress and ships to Posta.

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsuFdqooQgM

Posta is not the best but that is one way to go.

The other route I can think of is ship to USA and then use a cargo forwarder based there.

I’ve heard for the longest time that US customs do not tax most items from China if they are under $800. I know a few people that have gone this route (items under $200) and they did not pay any tax.

The no tax thing is not a guarantee though.

Option 3 is eBay US. There are so many China-based sellers on the platform.

I always purchase from Aliexpress and most items arrive in 20 days save for items that cost less than 10$ which are usually untracked. All the cargo fowarders in China put a minimum weight of at least 5kg. I use Shardi express, they charge 8.50$ per kg. If your items are less than 5kgs, you still pay for the minimum weight.

I don’t want to use Posta. Those KRA guys will tax you accordingly. And the government has been introducing funny taxes that were never there before Jubilee era.

This will make it expensive since you’ll pay twice for shipping. And any item above $30 is subject to taxation. In fact nikama that value imeekwa $20 sasa.

I want something kama hiyo ya wa Somali who specialize in shipping from mostly US, UK, and the Gulf. Sijui vile they escape taxes.

Dropshippers. Ebay is cool but there are products, which are hard to find there.

How do I get in touch with them?

Posta guys are my worst nightmare

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you can visit their website, they have an office at jamia mall’s basement.

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I’ve used vitumob, not so cheap but better than using posta.

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How many days from China? and I can’t see any of our favorite Chinese ecommerce sites on the list of the supported web stores the company supports.

Checking thanks. Any idea on how many days it takes for the item to arrive?

Jumia takes 14 to 21 days.

Sorry, seems like they mostly ship from Europe and US but you can check the list on their website.

Jumia is not a shipping company bro :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Afrisali people. Less than a week. Last time I checked on them they did not have operations in China but they successfully delivered an item for me from Dubai in less than 5 days once. So wameniambia pia China ni the same thing.

900bob per KG for items less than 5KGs. Cost goes lower for items above 5KGs. So I think I will go with them.


With Afrisali I recently wrote to them requesting them to furnish me with their physical address for their China Warehouse/ collection point so that I would have some items sent there for shipping to Kenya.To my shock the guys here in Kenya told me to call their China office so as to be given their address,I did an email to them until today I haven’t got any response from them ,this got me thinking are these guys real or cons? So how will you be going about this ,where do you intend to send your goods or will you have the Afrisali guys do the purchasing on your behalf? What’s the arrangements ?

You don’t email these guys. Hata sms pekeake ku reply ni shida. They only do calls and they are very legit and fast.

The idea here is you shop and give the seller Afrisali’s address with your name and kenyan address on it alongside Afrisali in China as the recipient.

Good thing is they’ll ship it for you and you pay once your goods arrive.