Losing contact on Google

I need some :persevere: Help .
Few days ago I woke up with no contact on phone note 90% of my contacts has been saved on Google. I experienced the same problem when I was using HTC one a9. I’m currently using Blackberry priv. Have been using my BlackBerry Passport to get contact I need but today I found also has only 77 contact. What might be the problem?

Have you enabled contacts sync after adding your Google account?

NOTE:: You can find out if your contacts are still there by logging in to your Google account (on a computer) and clicking the ‘contacts’ button on the top. If the contacts are there, your phone has a sync issue.

Another thing you can do is to go to your contacts app on your phone, tap the doughnuts (three dots on the top left) and then tap contacts to display. Select ‘all contacts’ and check if they appear. Also, on Android settings, on your Google account, you can see the sync status of individual Google components like contacts, calendar, Gmail, keep, drive, etc. If contacts are not synced, do it manually.

Google contacts very rarely get lost except in cases of user error.



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