Looking for Co-founder, electric car startup

I am in the initial stages of designing an electric 3 wheel vehicle.
So far it has been a one-man show for a while and I have been building a full-scale model for visualization(yet to be completed)
Having had discussions with financers, the feedback is that in spite of the availability of funds(in millions of dollars), a one-man show without a running prototype cannot receiving funding.
I am therefore looking for partners(who will be shareholders) with experience in engineering(electrical and mechanical preferably ), graphic design, finance, and marketing to be part of this team.
There is a basic website that is ready. (contains only renders of the product)
we can have physical or zoom meetings for interested parties to discuss share splitting and prototype budgets(seed funding)

NB: blueprints for the product plus other requirements are ready.
More details are available for mailing on demand.

Website link http://thoughtprocess.co.ke/