Looking for an Awesome African Mobile game?

We have been working hard on Mzito and are excited to finally complete the first game in the Mzito Universe. In Mzito we take you across 15 majestic locations all over the continent. It’s your duty as mzito to purge the corruption in Africa and Awaken the Sleeping Lions.
I would love to know what you guys think about the game and the story behind it. We made the game to be fun, inspirational and educational.

We believe we are all mzito and have the power to Awaken Africa.
Check out our trailer and get ready for an epic journey across Africa.
We are currently working on the IOS version.

I will try it out and give feedback

Feedback needed now!

Judging by the trailer alone this game looks and feels like some high-schoolers classroom project. The in-game fonts and graphics are lifted straight out of a 90’s era console, think Sega Saturn or the PSX. The only “African” aspect is the backgrounds but that would be like praising the Brick Game for its in depth levels.

And the iOS version seems to be broken.

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