Looking for African tech podcasts to follow

One of the things I do when I find myself free or doing something that doesn’t demand the attention of my ears is to listen to podcasts. Particularly tech podcasts. I have subscribed to several dozen tech podcasts and do listen to them all week long. The only problem is that I listen to just one podcast that focuses on African tech, the African Tech Roundup hosted by Tefo Mohapi and Andile Masuku. By the way, it is an insightful and informative show and you should definitely listen to it some time. Do you happen to know of any other African tech podcasts worth a listen? Let me and anyone else interested in the same know.

Here you go. Some are no longer running but others are still available. http://techcabal.com/2015/10/27/tech-focused-podcasts-in-africa/

Great list! Thank you for sharing.

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