Looking for a reasonably priced tablet

Hey guys,

i would like you to recommend a tablet for me. I have had an Asus for a year, but it died a quick death. What tablet can i get that will serve me longer and has great features.


It would be good to give preferences, like budget between this to that, sizes between this to that, ideally I’d use it for this or that.

Outside that it’s easy to recommend the Samsung Tab 3 for it’s current and at a good price. The Tab S2 is really something for the design while the Tecno Winpad 10 is also good when you want some blend of form and productivity, it’s reviewed here .

Otherwise if you want to go slightly up the food chain, the iPad mini is a great device.

I would take the iPad Mini 4 anyday.

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If you’re leaning towards budget, almost any Samsung tab will do.
If you’re looking for a tablet-come-laptop the Tecno Winpad 10 will be great.
If you’re looking for something that you can keep for long and with almost every good feature on it, then an iPad mini 3 or 4 or an iPad Air 2 (depending on your screen preferences).